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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Mark Cuban-Backed Current Media to Launch ICO

The blockchain multimedia platform Current Media announced on Tuesday that it is holding an initial coin offering from March 14 to April 4.The soft...

ICO Picks This Week: Bluzelle Review Plus 16 Red Flags

We’re not yet seeing the predicted wave of regulatory-compliant coins coming to the US. Rather it’s a trickle, like Pocketinns (PINNS), a New York-based operator of vacation...

TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington Joins Crypto Token Aelf as Advisor

Aelf, a cloud computing blockchain network based in Singapore and China, announced today that TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has joined the company's advisory board.Aelf...

ICO Picks & Red Flags for This Week

Issuers of initial coin offerings (ICOs) show signs of coming down, if not to Earth, then at least into lower Earth orbit. The pipeline...

Jibrel Network Announces jCash for Regulated, Asset-Backed Smart Contracts

Jibrel Network announced on Wednesday the launch of jCash, the Jibrel Network’s first tokenized asset used to provide an auditable, fiat-backed cryptographic asset existing...

OriginTrail Launches Presale in ICO for Supply Chain Traceability

OriginTrail, a supply chain traceability solutions provider based in Italy, announced it will conduct an initial coin offering (ICO) to further development of their...



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Featured Blockchain TV

Featured Blockchain TV

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Blockchain TV


NASDAQ: Blockchain & Competitors

Introducing blockchain to NASDAQ private market, Magnus Billing, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq

Patrick Murck on Property Law and the Blockchain

Confusion abounds about Bitcoin, and the market technology that helps keep the alternative currency market...

BTCS: Blockchain Technology Company Poised for Significant Growth

Session: Blockchain for the Diamond Industry. Speaker: Leanne Kemp, CEO & Founder, Everledger. Event: London Blockchain Conference...

Innotribe@Sibos 2015 – New Kids on the Block(chain) platform

At Sibos 2015, Innotribe dedicated an entire day to cryptocurrencies: some of these concepts are...

Blockchain TV – Ted Talk 2016 – Bettina Warburg: How the Blockchain will radically transform the economy

Bettina Warburg: How the blockchain will radically transform the economy—Ted Talk 2016 Bettina Warburg is a...

Keynote: Don Tapscott on Blockchain

Keynote: Don Tapscott with Intro by Mihaela Ulieru - Stanford 2015

Factom is bringing the blockchain to business

Businesses and governments can use Factom to simplify records management, record business processes, and address...

BTCS: Emerging Leader in Blockchain Technologies

BTCS, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) presents at the October 2015 RedChip Global Online Microcap Conference.BTCS Inc....

Blockchain TV: Stephan Tual – Blockchain: it’s about state

Stephan Tual, founder of Ursium, CCO of Ethereum, is working at revolutionizing the emerging...

Future Applications for Blockchain & Bitcoin 2.0

At the 2015 American Banker Digital Currency Conference, a Panel was assembled with : Joshua...

Blockchain TV: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Says Your Money Is Under Surveillance

Andreas M. Antonopoulos gave this thought-provoking presentation at the Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held...

Blockchain TV: Joseph Lubin – The Basics of Blockchain and Etherum

Joseph Lubin is a founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and Ethereum, where he is preparing...

Blockchain Technology and The Architecture of the Firm

From reducing transaction costs with vertical integration and networks to their near complete elimination with...

Blockchains: from crypto-currencies to data-driven smart economies

Blockchain is a cryptographic platform that is taking the world of FinTech by a storm,...

Ryan Shea & Muneeb Ali: Bringing Decentralization to Identity with Blockchain ID and Onename

A brilliant fact about crypto-economic blockchains is that they enable the construction of naming systems...

How Blockchain could change finance

Financial News explains the technology behind blockchain and its potential pros and cons in the...

Blockchain TV – It’s Going to Radically Transform Our Society’s Institutions – Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott, a leading theorist of the digital age, explains why the Blockchain technology will...

Blockchain TV: Clément Epié – Introduction to Blockchain Technology Beyond Bitcoin

Clément Epié, co-founder of Cellabz, combining Blockchain and emerging technologies, was the moderator of Lift16's...