Blockchain Company Decent ICO Kicks Off at 13:00 GMT Saturday, 10th of September


The DECENT Software Sale (Initial Coin Offering or ICO) kicking off at 13:00 GMT Saturday, 10th of September, is a one-time opportunity to participate in a project that aims to tackle the future of media with Blockchain Technology by revolutionising online data distribution.

Join the Digital Revolution and help the DECENT Network to create the independent publishing platform for everybody around the world. To learn more about and participate in the ICO click here. 

The core team behind DECENT, based in Switzerland,  has already secured a €500,000 seed funding round earlier this year from Element Capital LLC, a US Chinese Fund, and has teams of collaborators in Ukraine, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Australia.

The ICO is a crucial point in the evolution of DECENT Network. It will create the decentralized nature of the network and provide resources for further development. The proceeds from the Software Sale will be primarily used to fund development of the future releases of DECENT, protocol optimization and its maintenance.

DECENT allows individuals or organizations to buy, sell & share genuine digital content without any third party influence or restrictions. It also serves as an anti­-spam protection and reward for seeders/miners (or publishers in DECENT terminology). DCT is not just a cryptocurrency. It represents a fuel to the network, a software tool which makes DECENT work.

DECENT is a Decentralized Content Distribution Network that is Open­Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure Security. It allows borderless publishing of any Digital Content. Intention of the project is to revolutionize Data Distribution on the Internet.

To reach its goals, DECENT aims to create a fully Integrated and Trustworthy Worldwide System of Digital Content Distribution in which the communication flow is secured and timestamped by the Blockchain Mechanism. Focusing on flexibility & sustainable development, DECENT Network provides infrastructure of linked systems which enables to set more intelligent international standards of efficient, cost ­effective & secure content distribution. recently clarified how will the funds from the Software Sale be distributed and introduced you to their future plans and their goal –  to support DECENT long-term growth in multiple ways.

From the 35,000,000 DCT pool that will be allocated to DECENT Foundation after the Software Sale, 15,000,000 will be assigned to DECENT Foundation Investment Fund. Its main goal will be to ensure constant development and growth of DECENT Infrastructure. They aim to recreate the overall process of online content distribution by creating a user-friendly, secure, Blockchain driven media network.

To give people possibility to get the most out of DECENT Network, these funds will be used to support developers and entrepreneurs that will build applications on top of DECENT protocol.

As DECENT is from its very beginning meant to become the network of decentralized trust serving all the people around the globe, the implementation of DECENT Vote is the crucial point in the development of DECENT Infrastructure.

“After the start users will be able to vote for businesses / applications that they would like to have on DECENT Network. This will ensure that the future life of DECENT Network will be in the hands of those people who have become part of our goals,” stated co-founder Matej Boda.

Then a DECENT Investment committee will be set up to chose which projects are promising. Afterwards the chosen projects will receive an investment. DECENT Foundation will hold shares in those companies and support their development which will eventually lead to securing its operational costs and growth as well.

“We do not aim to create just another Blockchain app. On the other hand, our goal is to develop a network of individuals, businesses and organizations that will enjoy the advantages of DECENT and support the tendencies to create a Blockchain driven society. Therefore we give the community an opportunity to participate and support long-term growth of DECENT Network,” added Boda.

You can find more information about their goals in their Development Plan.

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