Blockchain Startup Apptrade Announces ICO to Create a ‘Stock Market of Apps’


This year’s Money2020 and CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas including Apptrade’s ‘Stock market of apps’ – the brainchild of experienced app broker and founder Daniel Pineda. Apptrade is now partnering with the well-established cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform OpenLedger.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, explains:

“Apptrade’s Federated Public Offerings and digitally shared reserves have the potential to transform the App investment market in the same way as ICOs have transformed cryptocurrency investments. Apptrade’s venture is an innovation in investment finance, one that could have a massive impact on the future of fundraising, and since it is using OpenLedger and its underlying BitShares technology it will also have a huge impact on both ecosystems over time.”

Key things to know about the upcoming Apptrade ICO:

  • Apptrade announced a pre-sale for select profit sharing participants and public ICO with OpenLedger at Coin Agenda, during a presentation with BitAngels.
  • Apptrade aims to create a ‘stock market of apps’, where developers can raise money with regulation compliant blockchain tokens. Investors will be able to trade these assets, backed by app revenue streams on OpenLedger.
  • Apptrade defines apps as intangible goods. i.e. mobile apps, music, eBooks, 3d asset libraries, blogs, photos, and other digital based properties.
  • Apptrade will offer its own token for their ICO entitling investors to 10% of the net market value and revenue of the Apptrade ecosystem.
  • Apptrade will have a decentralized exchange on the Bitshares blockchain.

Apptrade will allow app publishers to pool resources in a collective fund that works as collateral to attract funding. Each app contributes a portion of earnings to a shared digital reserve. These pooled resources are blockchain assets with standardized regulatory features, providing a way into the market for institutional investors. Finally, Apptrade is creating market analytics tools for app value analysis. Speculators will be able to easily track the monetary trajectory of portfolios alongside each app analytics through a private dashboard.

The value will be distributed via digital tokens on the Apptrade market through Apptrade and OpenLedger. Investors can then buy these portfolio tokens backed by revenue aggregated from app portfolios. This digital reserve will be secured with price stable tokens called ‘smartcoins’. All these assets are fungible and can be traded on the upcoming Apptrade marketplace.

Risk will be further reduced by Apptrade’s publisher due diligence and regulation compliant token structure. This default token structure is designed to build market trust and credibility over time. Apptrade will be using ready-made smart contracts with built-in compliance features to run a legitimate market for investors. Apptrade will provide another unique innovation for their partners: a gradual distribution of tokens. This will give each portfolio market a chance to get acclimatized to dynamic trading and resist the impact of unforeseen problems on the market.

Additionally, Apptrade is building tools for investors to compare the performance of app portfolios on OpenLedger with the actual app market by pulling data from Apple and Google servers. This gives token buyers access to more detailed information when using Apptrade for speculation.

Apptrade is launching an ICO to raise funds for further development and marketing, not just for itself but also for the soon to join apps on the platform. The first token launched will be the Apptrade Master Token for pre-investors & ICO participants, which represents and receives 10% of the entire marketplace’s value and earnings. In preparation for this ICO Daniel Pineda, founder of Apptrade had this to say about his partnership with OpenLedger:

“We have the backing and support of our partner, Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger. Open Ledger has built the marketplace for smartcoin creation. With the transparency and security of the OpenLedger, Apptrade can fully embrace this new form of collaborative marketing and funding. The idea is rising tide lifts all boats. If one or a few of the brands go viral and become hits, it should put eyes on the rest of the brands in the group. Our mission is to improve the access to value for content creators worldwide.”

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, shares his excitement about the Apptrade ICO and a bright future for blockchain startups:

“It is soon 2017 and we can expect many more innovative platforms to emerge with full throttle and real-life results. I am happy to personally be one of few already offering a blockchain based profit maker through the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate and its Crowfunding 3.0 solution. Allowing both projects and investors to feel comfortable during the ICO as we cover all aspects of the fundraising process including media coverage, escrow service, asset issuing, distribution of assets, exit options, auditing and release of funds from multi-signature accounts. OpenLedger does also provide a secure decentralized asset exchange, fiat and crypto gateways and much more.”

The OpenLedger hosted Apptrade ICO will kick off in the coming months; interested investors are encouraged to speak with OpenLedger’s CEO Ronny Boesing to arrange pre-investments.

Apptrade is making the ‘stock market of apps’, complete with regulatory tools and compliance mechanisms. OpenLedger is an ICO crowdfunding ecosystem striving to bridge the gap between innovative blockchain based startups and mainstream investors.