Blockchain Foundation MAGDF Launches Decentralized Global Public Welfare System

Steven Bradley, Secretary General of the Mind Asset Global Development Foundation, introduces the global, decentralized public welfare system (PRNewsFoto/Mind Asset Global Development)

The Mind Asset Global Development Foundation (MAGDF) is rolling out what they call the M.A Blockchain, a decentralized public welfare system, announced at a press event held in Montreal, Canada which included representatives of more than ten worldwide public-benefit organizations. 

Since its initial foundation by a young group of self-described “geeks”, M.A Blockchain has been dedicated to the exploration of the Internet technology of “Blockchain”.

In his speech, Steven Bradley, MAGDF’s Secretary General, said: 

“Resolving the issue of trust through technical means is one big characteristic of the Blockchain. Accordingly, the development and maintenance teams of the M.A Blockchain give full play to the tech by applying it to future public welfare programs.”

Bradley also expressed the willingness of the Foundation to provide the decentralized global public welfare system with technical and promotional support. Based on the open, transparent and irreversible features of the Blockchain, all the processes and results concerning the commonweal cause will be put under the attention and monitoring of all sectors of society, which will promote progress of philanthropic programs by providing transparency, thereby allowing mainstream society to attach more importance to and take a more active part in it.

In addition, he revealed that in the first voting result of the decentralized M.A. Blockchain, with 54,326,163 votes (25.46% of the total votes obtained), “Greenpeace” was ranked first and became the first public service organization to win a series of donations in multiple forms, such as encrypted digital money issued by M.A. Blockchain.

Finally Bradley disclosed that, in order to facilitate communication and interaction between philanthropic organizations, charity institutions and the participators all over the world, the international public welfare network community plan was also being prepared.

There are some ideas in Mind Asset’s whitepaper that you don’t hear much in the crypto world – such as Love. 

“Love, is the most precious wealth of human society; wisdom, is the highest value of mankind. However, trust is the power and cornerstone to drive people in the whole society to work together. Every creation and leap in the development of human society is the glowing light of mind on the foundation of love and trust.”

There was not much movement on the price on the exchanges – upon the announce for the native token, MindGene (MG) as the digital currency remains far below it’s high of more than $2 and it trading for pennies. 

In the system design, M.A Blockchain conducts humanized innovation from two dimensions, not only having greatly improved market basis of encrypted digital currency and the flexibility of participation in terms of market participation, realizing the lateral extension of the social influence and the humanistic value of encrypted digital currency, but also providing a feasible solution for the longitudinal promotion of future value space of encrypted digital currency based on the perspective of market value and development potential.

M.A Blockchain perfectly solves the problem of issuing concentration of digital encryption currency through issuing mechanism featured with higher decentralization and more interesting authentication modes, thus realizing the decentralized issuing more quickly, and greatly improved experience sense and participation of system users, realizing extensive participation and the establishment of decentralized network recognized by the public to the greatest extent on the basis of practice with more humanized features and social significance.

Different from providing computing power through authentication method of POV, Mind Asset endows the issuing method with Innovation of more humanized significance,i.e., the MG authentication through the method of human biological wave featured with encryption and diversity. As for the authentication mode of encrypted digital currency of Mind Asset system at this stage, the identification of human biological waves and data acquisition are achieved mainly through the smart wearable devices Mind Link, and evaluation is conducted according to the steadiness of brain waves of users, i.e., the extent and time of relaxation. The more stable brain waves is, the higher extent of relaxation is, and the more mind gene you will obtain.

M.A Blockchain as the first global decentralized commonwealth system in the history, breaks the bottleneck of trust and increases the popularity of global participants’ commonweal awareness and their participation enthusiasms, taking the establishment of the first decentralized and distributed global commonweal system as the idea and vision, and through the establishment of a fair and transparent commonweal voting system, to let each person become a participant and promoter in global public service projects based on mutual love and mutual trust. That to let the technology better serve the society in the future is the initial intention and the ultimate mission of the Mind Asset system.

With the continuous development of the project, in the future Mind Asset will launch the smart wearable devices series with more functions, effectively improve assets income on the foundation of assisting users to cultivate good living habits, cooperatively using Mind Link, and realize the extension of wisdom in the help of science and technology, i.e., “Psychokinesis+” put forward by Mind Asset. At the same time, Mind Asset will establish digital cube system of human body based on innovative practice in the big data field of human body, fully realizing the three-dimensional monitoring and analysis of the human body data, and providing most advanced technical support and humanized service for the healthy life of human in the future.

Brainwave authentication is an important method to realize issuance of Mind Asset system, this issuing method not only breaks the decentralized issuance restrained by capital and technology, and ensure encrypted digital currency to be distributed in a more dispersed way and more fairly, but also let more people in the world share wealth in equal opportunities to participate, thus realizing a truly fair distribution of wealth. 

At the same time through the identification and records of human biological waves, measure the issuance encrypted digital currency according to the extent of relaxation, subtly guiding and encouraging every user of the system to gradually form the habit of relaxing in the process of participation, guiding the global users of the system to participate in this more positive social practice, perfectly solving the problems of sustainable development and experience sense of users, and achieving the establishment of ecology of system with more humanized significance.

The most significant social promotion for M.A Blockchain is to solve trust problems through technical means, combine the unique advantages of Blockchain technology and commonweal humanistic ideas, to bring more participation and powerful supports for the future development of human public service undertakings under the joint participation and maintenance of each person.

The establishment of decentralized global commonweal system of Mind Asset, not only solves the problems and barriers from an angle of reality faced by the commonweal organizations and charities, but also makes the public service ideal of the whole humankind form to a great love consensus for human society so as to promote the popularization and development of global public service undertakings.