Life.SREDA and the Russian Republic of Tatarstan To Introduce Blockchain Technology For Public Administration System


    Tatarstan could introduce Blockchain in the public administration system, say a recent report in Russian from Forklog.

    Leaders of the Republic of Tatarstan and the venture fund Life.SREDA are considering introducing Blockchain technology and according an interview with the news agency “Tatar-Inform” Director of Business Development Life.SREDA Maxim Avdeev, the Life.SREDA fund is working with the local authorities of Tatarstan and the collaboration is aimed at the development of specific products and solutions.

    Maxim Avdeev, Life.SREDA stated in an interview to Tatar Inform:

    “After the presentation of the project InspiRussia the President of Tatarstan Roustam Minnihanovu in the Supervisory Board in Innopolise left the order to consider the use of blockchain technology in public administration in Tatarstan”, said Avdeev.

    Previously, the University Of Innopolis and Life.SREDA launched the first accelerator, InspiRussia, in a move to support Blockchain and Fintech firms in the Republic of Tatarstan.

    The Life.SREDA VC firm, established  3 years ago,  focusses only on FinTech. Since Q2 2015 they are domiciled in Singapore after launching first in Russia. It’s one of three independent FinTech-only VC firms in the world that is very famous for successful investments in FinTech global stars, such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, SumUp, Anthemis and others (two of their start-ups – Rocketbank and Knopka – were recently highlighted by Wired magazine in TOP100 hottest startups).