MetaX and DMA Join Forces to Launch adChain: a Blockchain Solution to Digital Advertising Fraud


MetaX and the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) have announced their collaboration to introduce adChain, the first Blockchain-based solution for the digital advertising industry.

Built by MetaX, adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum Blockchain that enhances digital advertising’s disjointed supply chain. This solution instills transparency, efficiency and trust to an industry in need of a fresh approach.

adChain creates a secure environment for digital advertising to occur, ensuring ad spend reaches quality inventory on qualified publisher sites. Contrasted with the current opaque supply chain in which ad spend can be wasted on fake views, and publishers can lose revenue to spoofed domains, adChain clears the fog for all members throughout the supply chain. adChain improves digital advertising by providing an open and transparent, secure and auditable, and efficient and balanced ecosystem.

Additionally, adChain uniquely leverages the Ethereum Blockchain to tap the developer community with market-driven, economic incentives to identify and drive out ad fraud.

The value of adChain transcends the supply chain, benefitting all entities from advertiser to publisher:

  • Advertisers: Empowers advertisers to purchase inventory from fraud-free sites, as well as provides verifiable campaign auditing through cryptographically secure impression tracking
  • Publishers: Allows publishers to regain full ownership of their domain, blocking the ability for bad actors to fraudulently use their identity in the advertising supply chain

While the Data & Marketing Association is the first industry organization to deliver adChain to its members, DMA’s intention is to engage with other industry organizations on this initiative. Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, DMA is comprised of leading innovators across the data and marketing ecosystem, including brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies.

“As a leading advocate for the digital advertising community, DMA is uniquely positioned as the only marketing trade association that represents the entire ecosystem – from demand side to supply side,” said Ken Brook, co-founder and CEO of MetaX. He continued, “this aligns with the utility value that adChain brings, thus we can all work together with the adChain solution.”

“DMA leads initiatives that positively impact the data and marketing industry,” said Tom Benton, DMA’s CEO. “Given the current state of digital advertising, we have a responsibility to deliver to our members the tools and knowledge to succeed. We are excited to work with DMA member MetaX to introduce adChain to the market and provide the digital advertising industry with a brighter future.”

Beyond digital advertising companies, developers are encouraged to learn more about MetaX and the adChain protocol. For developers interested in working with MetaX building decentralized applications (DApps) for adChain, contact: build(at)metax(dot)io.

A white paper on adChain is available at