Mothership Launches Progressive Blockchain Financial Services with the Estonian e-Residency Program

A state-of-the-art digital asset exchange opening up cryptocurrency markets for Blockchain companies, e-Residents and digital nomads


Mothership a new token market, exchange, cloud hosting platform and wallet providing Blockchain financial services around the Estonian e-Residency program is raising funds through a token sale built on the Ethereum platform.

Of a total 200,000,000 ERC20 tokens, 70% have been supplied for purchase in this round, 20% of tokens reserved for purchase by their Strategic Investors (who assist the project in non-monetary ways including advisory, networking, and smart contract reviews), 5% of MSP tokens earned through the Mothership Referral Program in this fundraising round, and 5% of MSP tokens to be reserved for the team and advisors.

Mothership is the first company of its kind to integrate with e-Residency, a government issued digital ID allowing the registration of EU-based companies entirely online. Founders Arseniy Zarechnev and Anton Egorov are partnering with Oleg Gutsol, a serial entrepreneur and now the Head of Global Growth at e-Residency. 

“At e-Residency, we are working very closely with the Blockchain community and we are excited about what Mothership is doing – providing a clear legal framework and a token market for startups in the Blockchain space and creating a gateway between banks and cryptocurrencies, founded in a secure and robust exchange,” Mr. Gutsol said. 

Estonian e-Residency is the first government-issued strong digital ID, available to anyone in the world, and a transparent business environment in EU, which can be accessed remotely. Working with companies like Mothership helps position Estonia as the place to start and run Blockchain startups from, making cryptocurrency markets accessible for EU businesses, Estonian e-Residents and digital nomads. 

Mothership’s services are available to anyone, but those with e-Residency will have access to further security features. 

The token sale ends 26th July 2017, or when all tokens are sold.

Further context:

Mothership is launching within the context of the European Commission’s July 2016 proposal to amend the Fourth Anti-money Laundering Directive (4AMLD), to bring cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers within scope. Cryptocurrencies would be given an unprecedented, clear definition as “virtual currencies”, and be added to a list of regulated entities. 

Mothership is: 

A new token market

Mothership will be a gateway to cryptocurrency markets for existing Estonian Blockchain companies, as well as a go-to place for launching new Blockchain startups. Providing a platform and legal framework for the whole process – from e-Residence and 100% remote incorporation to developing an ICO offer, accepting payments and tracking results – they will work to make doing business in Estonia simple. 

An exchange

As a secure, stable cryptocurrency exchange with additional features for e-Residents and EU businesses, Mothership plans to streamline the verification process on existing exchanges, while providing strong security, customer service and uninterrupted 24/7 access to markets.

A cloud hosting platform

As well as being an exchange, Mothership will be a serverless platform for apps. Users will be able to build high frequency trading bots, payment gateways or any other apps using any programming language. With guaranteed minimal latency, top reliability, and automatic scaling and managed runtime, they plan to make it easy to focus on the important stuff – building apps.

A new wallet

Mothership will act as a new wallet that’s connected to each user’s e-Resident digital identity. Protecting funds with digital signatures, this is planned to streamline spending and saving decisions.

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world. A legally binding signature (a pair of identity-linked RSA keys), e-Residency allows applicants to register an EU based company entirely online. The programme is growing rapidly, with Estonia estimating 10 million e-Residents by 2025[1]. When linked with Mothership, e-Residency affords the ability to incorporate Blockchain businesses in Estonia, secure a bank account and link it with the exchange – all the while operating entirely online. 

More about e-Residency at:

About Arseniy Zarechnev, CEO and co-founder

Prior to founding Mothership, Arseny co-founded Sabaka, a DevOps, mobile and web consultancy. He is a full stack developer, entrepreneur and solution architect and has worked at leading technology companies including Atlassian, Enki, and Ostrovok. He is a digital nomad, Estonian e-Resident and remote advocate. Arseny studied Business Administration at the Russian University of Economics.