Dr. Christian Seberino – Houston Texas Blockchain Course Kicks Off Friday August 18, 2017


For those interested in Blockchain and living in the great state of Texas Dr. Christian Seberino is heading up a one day Blockchain course in Houston on Friday August 18, 2017 at the Dave & Buster’s banquet room kicking off at 8am and running until 5pm.

Christian Seberino, Ph.D., is co-founder of Blockchain Partners in London, UK. He is also an adjunct professor at a community college as well as a secondary school instructor in computer science, computer programming, mathematics and natural science. He has done classified cryptography and networking software for the National Security Agency (NSA). He has also held various other technology positions over more than two decades in industry, government, the military and academia including Google, Qualcomm and the Space and the US Naval Warfare Systems Center. He has deep knowledge of Blockchains and teaches all levels from beginner to developer.

Dr. Seberino develops Blockchain educational programs for Input Output, one of the premiere companies in the Blockchain space. He is also a well known figurehead in the Ethereum Classic Blockchain technology community.

His Blockchain related podcast show “Let’s Talk ETC!” is currently watched all over the world. Dr. Seberino not only understands the technologies extremely well, his decades of experience as a teacher means he can deliver the knowledge you need to deep dive into this technology, accelerate your business, eliminate world poverty and much more!

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