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Disruptive Truck-Sharing Company Doft Sells Doftcoins to Truckers, 3PLs and Freight Shippers with 50% discount during Pre-ICO

Doft announces $50M ICO to its user community in its strive to innovate the inefficient trucking industry. Pre-ICO starts September 29 on Doft’s official website.


Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), announces its ICO for the trucking community. Doft is giving out 100% of the company’s total coin supply, meaning that any logistics professional can become an owner of Doft’s cryptocurrency and enjoy the benefits of being part of a crowd-managed company.

As well as the crowdsale campaign giving truck drivers, third party logistics (3PLs) and freight shippers the opportunity to be part of a bigger community of transportation professionals, it will also give them various perks. All motor carriers, freight shippers, 3PL companies and other crowdsale participants who buy Doftcoins (DFC) during the Pre-ICO will receive a lifetime 0% commission on freight transportation through Doft, on average saving them $100 on each freight transportation. Everyone who purchases DFC during Pre-ICO will also get 50% more coins than with the ICO later this year.

The supply of Doftcoins will be open to all interested Doft users, including motor carriers, freight shippers, 3PL companies and others, but the company will be actively targeting owner operators and truck drivers. To participate in Doft’s Pre-ICO, visit Doft’s official website on September 29, where instructions for Pre-ICO participants are available. Doft hopes to distribute coins to as many trucking professionals as possible.The funds raised during the ICO will be used for technological improvement and business development which includes marketing and expansion.

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‘We are delighted that our trucking community can become part of our organisation through purchasing Doftcoins. Doft is offering its contributors the chance to play a longer term role in the trucking revolution by owning cryptocurrency of the fast-scaling on-demand trucking startup’, said Doft CEO, Dmitri Fedorchenko. “New coin holders will enjoy the benefits of being part of a crowd-managed company that offers opportunities of growth and development within the industry”.

Truckers can now become part of the enterprise that is innovating their own industry. Doft, an IT company, has developed a disruptive on-demand uber-like technology which instantly matches freight shippers and truck drivers with the help of a mobile app. The app-matching process is time-saving and far more efficient and transparent than traditional load-matching processes.

U.S. truckers currently spend 15-25 percent of their miles running empty without loads. This not only has negative financial consequences for truckers, it also has a serious knock-on effect for the environment. Trucks are the largest source of freight emissions globally – accounting for 57 percent. Doft is unique in that it directly connects drivers and shippers, thus simplifying the load matching process and saving time, money, and the environment. Allowing truckers to become owners of the platform should strengthen community ties between the platform and its users, allowing it to innovate more efficiently than ever.

“Doft’s key goal is to create a community that helps strengthen the transportation industry and solidify a network of drivers and independent transportation professionals through crowd management,” added Fedorchenko. “Inviting our user community to become owners and giving them a voice in the development of our company seemed like the next logical step to achieve this goal”.

Doft – a Silicon Valley based startup – developed a mobile app for the trucking industry that provides freight matching services. The on-demand instant freight and truck matching application has been labelled the “Uber of trucking.” Doft aims to improve the lives of truckers and provide ever-increasing value to shippers and carriers through its peer-to-peer service.

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