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Accenture Joins Hashed Health Blockchain Consortium to Develop and Implement Healthcare Industry Use Cases


Hashed Health has added Accenture as a member of the Hashed Health Blockchain Consortium, a group of leading health companies focused on accelerating innovation with Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, as announced today at the Distributed: Health 2017 conference.

“Accenture adds a broad range of expertise to the Consortium workgroup and will help clients improve performance and create sustainable value,” said Hashed Health CEO John Bass. “Their global viewpoint and experience with large scale deployments brings a unique perspective to our decentralization initiatives. In turn, Accenture will benefit from the consortium’s efforts to advance market intelligence and industry best practices.”

As a consortium member, Accenture will focus its efforts on developing industry use cases for Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and identify opportunities where organizations can implement solutions at scale.

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“While adoption grows, healthcare organizations must continue advancing the application of Blockchain technologies to achieve and sustain meaningful progress,” said Brian Kalis, managing director of digital health at Accenture. “We believe that Hashed Health’s workgroup-centered model will allow companies to collaboratively tackle existing problems in healthcare while establishing best practices.”

Accenture helps institutions implement Blockchain technology to improve operational efficiency, security and client service, as well as to capture new revenue opportunities. It helps clients define distributed-ledger strategies, implement business-model transformations, create and protect technology architectures and enhance the end-user experience.

Hashed Health is a healthcare innovation firm leading the design, development and productive use of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hashed Health partners with public and private sector clients to collaboratively develop solutions and networks that solve health delivery challenges.  Hashed Health’s mission is to create new shared value systems for individuals and communities of health through a variety of enterprise and consumer-focused projects.  More information can be found at

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