Verisart And Avant Arte Partner To Provide Digital Certificates Of Authenticity To Artists And Collectors Worldwide

Avant Arte Becomes The First Ecommerce Partner To Join Verisart's Partner Certification Program


Verisart, the world’s leading provider of digital certification to the art and collectibles market, today announced the launch of its partner certification program and its inaugural partnership with Avant Arte, one of Instagram’s biggest art publishers.

Speaking at the second annual Rights Tech Summit in New York, Robert Norton, CEO of Verisart said:

“As online retailers and galleries look to improve certification standards, we’re seeing increasing demand for Blockchain enabled certificates and we’re delighted to work with Avant Arte as our first limited edition print partner.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Avant Arte will apply Verisart’s Blockchain certification standards across all its represented artists and sales of limited edition artworks. Each artwork certificate will be optimized for both physical and digital use with a unique QR code, Blockchain timestamp and web address.

“By partnering with Verisart, we’re applying two factor validation of ownership by combining a physical ownership certificate and a digital certificate on the Blockchain including immutable and authorized information about the artwork edition,” said Nico Veenman, CTO of Avant Arte.

Avant Arte is the first company to use the Verisart Partner API allowing easy transfer of data and certificate customization. Partners wishing to include Blockchain certification can apply online at Verisart and determine their specific design, hosting and image identification requirements.