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Dwight Sproull: Introducing Project PAI – Personal Artificial Intelligence Avatars Customized for Every Human

Welcome to Project PAI, an open-source initiative dedicated to the promotion and development of Personal Artificial Intelligence, intelligent 3D avatars that will enhance the lives and productivity of people worldwide.

A Personal Artificial Intelligence, or PAI, is more than a limited personal assistant, it’s a direct and verified representative of you in the digital world. It shares your voice, your appearance, and your personality.

The mission of Project PAI is to enable any person in the world to create their own unique PAI, that can perform activities on their behalf. Everyone’s PAI will be unique to them, secured with PAI Blockchain encryption and created using biometric data and online behavior profiles.

If you’re new to Blockchain, what it means is that the data that makes up your PAI is secured in an immutable, encrypted database where the majority of independent verification nodes have to agree to make changes.

There is no single point of failure or vulnerability in security compared to large data breaches that have occurred in the last several years.  No one can make unauthorized changes and steal or use your data unless they have your private key.

You own your PAI, you control what it does, and you are fairly compensated for the interactions your PAI has with other entities.

Your PAI is more than just a novel online avatar though. It is an intelligent likeness of you that can speak in your voice, including in foreign languages that you don’t know.

You can send it to meetings to give presentations, or simply have it participate by listening and taking summary notes while you focus on more essential tasks.

Tired of swiping left or sorting through thousands of profiles on dating apps and websites?  Your PAI will sort through profiles and initiate conversations for you so that you can focus on the quality matches that are more likely to be suitable partners for you.

This is just a sample of the many real world applications that Project PAI will bring to life for you.

Creating your PAI is intuitive and readily accessible through your mobile device. Take one selfie and your initial PAI is created. From there, your PAI continues to evolve as it learns about you based on the inputs you provide and the longer you utilize it.

The fundamental concept is that you are in control of your personal data, and all of the benefits it can provide for you. PAI lets you use all of the data that your online interactions on mobile devices produce and makes it work for you instead.  For example, when out of town, your PAI could read a bedtime story to your children.

They can load up your PAI and listen to their favorite stories in your voice, and even use augmented reality (AR) on iPhone and Android mobile devices to project your PAI on top of the covers to see your expressions as you read the stories.

Rather than trying to match you up on a dating site with a random user who also happens to like books and going to the movies, your PAI will be able to dive much deeper;  it finds more compatible candidates based on what it knows about you.

It will be able to do this without donating all of your personal data to a third party. Think of your PAI as your digital twin, an intelligent avatar that knows what you like and can go out and accomplish tasks to give you time to focus on what you really enjoy in life.

Project PAI has already attracted the attention of several companies who are keen to develop applications for the PAI ecosystem, and the first innovation partner is ObEN, an artificial intelligence company that has attracted the investment of Tencent, SoftBank, Newdo Venture, HTC’s ViveX, IdeaLab,  DreamMaker Entertainment, and many more.  Project PAI is currently in negotiations with several other prominent companies to develop additional products and services on the platform.

Project PAI will direct the development of the core Blockchain and smart contracts that the 3D PAI avatars will rely on for security, verification, and transactions.

The Blockchain for Project PAI is being developed by Alex Waters, who has previously worked on the Bitcoin core development team.  Alex is well-known for his contributions to the Blockchain community, and his professional reputation is well-earned.  He’s also an amazing personality and we’re happy to welcome him as a teammate.

We encourage you to join us on Discord to participate in the live community discussion, and check Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Visit and sign up to be first in line to create your PAI.

Welcome to Project PAI, everyone.

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