ExHasta: Integrating and Empowering Innovators – Announces Token Sale


function(core) a multi-linguistic, international, multidisciplinary collective has just announced its token sale for a new product called ExHasta.

How it Works

ExHasta Catalyst

ExHasta Catalyst is the program in which ExHasta develops Moonshot technology intellectual property (IP) and distributes it to a worldwide network of innovators at an extremely low cost. All IP developed will be released for sale in three phases on the Blockchain. Innovators and disruptors are able to use their EXH tokens to buy Moonshot projects in whole or they can buy specific elements for use in spin-off companies and as an augmentation to their existing initiatives.

Example concepts:

  • project Mercury is an ever-evolving AI-powered real-time public transit system that is the first leap towards fully autonomous public transit.
  • project Oceanus is an ethical, high-transparency bank that incentivizes social spending and peer-to-peer micro-lending.
  • project Aggaros is a modular satellite infrastructure designed for advanced orbital retrofitting and services to accelerate the Cislunar economy.

ExHasta Meridian

ExHasta Meridian is an innovator summit to train top talent and create powerful networks of disruptors. Innovators on the ExHasta platform can use their EXH tokens to submit their portfolio. Innovators are reviewed and ranked through different blind and public stages by all the other ExHasta users. Reviewers are rewarded with a portion of the application fees in the form of EXH tokens. Regardless of community ranking, all innovators who apply will receive access to exclusive digital content from the summit.

ExHasta Meridian brings together exceptional individuals for an all-expense paid month to cultivate their skills through applied training sessions, mentorships, guest lectures, team shadowing, and workshops. Participants connect 1-on-1 with our team, our corporate sponsors, and our invited guests to create an exponential network of innovators.

Applicants are ranked & reviewed by other platform users that receive a portion of the application fee in the form of EXH tokens for their work in curating the top 20 applicants that will attend the next session. All applicants to the Meridian, including those that are not selected to attend the retreat, will receive digital access to session content including live streams, any publications and documents, Q&A sessions, online forum access, workshop materials, and more.

The main and cheapest way to obtain tokens is through ExHasta’s initial coin offering.

Currently the only other way to obtain tokens is:

  • Through the early-supporter bounty program.

In the future, there are two more ways:

  • Get some in exchange for ranking and reviewing members.
  • Trade with them directly.

function(core) is a team of scientists, engineers, writers, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and more, with decades of experience in innovation and cutting-edge technology. Their ability to develop and distribute Moonshot technology rests on their multiple backgrounds and flexibility. function(core) has implemented innovative solutions to clients such as Nike, Google, Kanye West, NASA, and many more.

Elburz Sorkhabi, founder of the function(core) team, and CEO at ExHasta, seeks to change Moonshot funding to bring world-changing innovation to at least a billion people by 2021. Elburz is also the man behind nVoid, a highly successful art-tech symbiont launched in 2011.

If you want to know more about the team behind ExHasta, and participate in its token sale, head to www.ExHasta.com. Pre-sale, offering a 30% discount on token price, begins on October 19, 19:00 UTC and will end on Oct 26. The crowdsale will being on October 27, 19:00 UTC and continue until November 24.