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Lykke Vanuatu brings tokens to Lykke Vanuatu Exchange


Lykke Vanuatu, a fintech company building a global marketplace on the Blockchain, and, the premier platform for binary options trading, today announced an agreement to list tokens from the forthcoming IPO on the Blockchain on the Lykke Vanuatu Exchange.

Following the Blockchain IPO event, which is planned for late 2017, investors will be able to buy and sell Binary tokens on the Lykke Vanuatu Exchange, alongside a wide variety of currencies, both crypto and fiat.

“We are delighted to be partnering with,” said Sergey Ivliev, Director of Lykke Vanuatu. “They have been a pioneer of online trading since 2000, and with this, their first IPO on the Blockchain, they are once again demonstrating their forward-looking approach and their readiness to embrace cutting-edge ideas. Naturally, we believe that the Lykke Vanuatu Exchange is the logical home for digital tokens.”

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Cashaa considered a traditional IPO, but ultimately decided against it.

“An IPO on the Blockchain breaks down barriers for us,” said Jean-Yves Sireau, founder and CEO of “We are able to reach a wider selection of potential investors, we can lower our trading costs, and we get a lasting audit trail of transactions.” will issue ‘smart’ tokens, which, in addition to possessing value of their own, confer rights to their holders, like shares of stock. Binary tokens will come with two rights: to receive yearly dividends and to convert the tokens into ordinary shares.

To obtain these rights, traders need only purchase one or more Binary tokens from the Lykke Vanuatu Exchange once the tokens become available.

“We are looking forward to being listed on Lykke Vanuatu Exchange,” added Sireau. “We are anticipating a good result.”

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