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Metaps Plans to Launch Time Marketplace ‘Timebank’ Token Sale on COMSA

Leading Japanese Fintech Companies Join Forces to Monetize Influencer Time Using Blockchain Technology


Tech Bureau, a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company, and Metaps Inc. (“Metaps”), a leading fintech company and mobile marketing platform developer, today announced its plan for a ‘Timebank’ token sale on COMSA.

COMSA, a complete Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising and cross-chaining platform built on the NEM blockchain protocol, streamlines cryptocurrency funding and cross-chain transactions.

Timebank is a marketplace for buying and selling professional time. To verify the accomplishments of each professional in the marketplace, Metaps conducts a screening test to apply an influencer score designed to extract only the top influencers in each industry.  Those that rank high on the screening test are invited to list their rates in the Timebank marketplace and sell their time in 10 second units. Timebank uses fluctuations in demand to increase or decrease the rate of each influencers time.

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“By combining the speed and transparency of the blockchain with the longstanding tradition of hiring hourly professionals, Timebank is bringing an unparalleled level of convenience and access to influencers and people seeking their expertise,” commented Lon Wong (Lon) President, Foundation.

To earn the influencers’ time, buyers can fulfill a pre-set condition and be rewarded with the influencers time. For example, Kahoko Tsunezawa, a famous female entrepreneur, has already begun selling her time at a rate of $0.60 USD per second. Buyers of time can use or resell time to other buyers in the Timebank marketplace.

“Timebank is meant to nurture the relationship between influencers and experts and people and brands interested in seeking their knowledge on an hourly-basis,” said Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau, Corp. “By using smart contract technology, Timebank offers a well thought out approach to connecting influencers and experts with secure and transparent transaction technology.”

Metaps has begun taking steps to launch a Timebank token sale over the next year. Tokens will act as both a form of payment and a loyalty program, bestowing discounts for future purchases of influencer time.

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