JBOX Announces Initial Coin Offering for Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Video Platform

JBOX Users Earn JBX Tokens for Both Watching and Uploading Videos


JBOX, a decentralized video streaming application that incentivizes users for both uploading videos to its JBox Platform and also for viewing videos on its JBox platform in exchange for JBX coins, today announced their Initial Coin Offering. The JBOX ICO funds will be used for upgrading the JBOX platform server, as well as enhancing platform upload and playback speeds.

“Today’s primary video upload platform is YouTube, which does not have any real competition and doesn’t incentivize video creators for uploading video content, nor viewers for watching video content. With JBOX’s innovative new Proof of Watch and Proof of Upload (POWATCH and POUPLOAD) technologies, consumers all over the world can enjoy the experience of immersing  themselves in video content, while earning JBX tokens based on the length of the videos watched or uploaded,” said JBOX founder and CEO Julius Jamani.

The JBOX ICO commences November 8, 2017 at 9 AM Eastern Time, and concludes on December 8, 2017. The JBOX token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and the Ethereum ERC20 standard. For more detailed information about the JBOX ICO, please visit https://www.jboxcoin.org/#ico.

The JBOX platform will empower consumers to upload and watch JBOX video content via web app and mobile apps.

“Soon we will expand and enhance the JBOX platform so that users can even upload or watch 3-D videos through the JBOX 3-D video decoder,” said Jamani.