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Ambrosus Taps Wattenhofer to Develop Project


Ambrosus announced this week that it’s hiring Roger Wattenhofer to be its “solutions architect.”

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland Ambrosus is a company that uses blockchain technology to establish supply chains for food and pharmaceutical products with the aim of making those supply chains more transparent to allow consumers to easily see where their products come from and what is really in them.

Ambrosus raised USD 32.5 million in an ICO that closed in October for its ERC20 token, /AMB, according to Token Report data. Its price per token was 0.001 ETH. It’s one of about half a dozen ICOs in agriculture and the food supply chain, including INS Ecosystem (/INS), which raised USD 42 million in an ICO that closed in December.

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Wattenhofer was hired to develop the company’s blockchain architecture design, including token functionality, protocol scalability, smart contracts, sensor data ‘trust’, user authentication and privacy.

According to Ambosus’ announcement, Wattenhofer has a doctorate in computer science from ETH Zurich and has worked for Brown University and Microsoft Research. He is also the author of a self-published book, Distributed Ledger Technology: The Science of the Blockchain.

Ambrosus CEO Angel Versetti said Wattenhofer’s skill set will help take his company to the next level.

“Ambrosus can only be successful in its mission to radically improve global supply chains by establishing a team with unmatched experience and a proven track record of execution,” Versetti said in a statement.”Roger has a unique combination of academic expertise, applied technical skills, and industry connections key to helping drive Ambrosus’ success.”

Wattenhofer said he is “thrilled” to join a company that’s aiming to have a positive impact on the world.

“My interest has always been in solving problems with real-world impacts, and I’m excited to be helping Ambrosus do just that, particularly at this crucial stage in its growth,” Wattenhofer said in a statement.






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