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“ICO boutique” Chaineum Launches a Hush Alternative to Banking

Paris-based Chainieum, a specialist in raising funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs), has announced a new ICO for Hush, a mobile banking application, in a statement released earlier this month. The Hush mobile app was the idea of company CEO Eric Charpentier, who previously founded neobank Morning in France, Chaineum said in its statement. Hush is a banking app that allows people to manage both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Pending regulatory approval from the European Payment Institution, Luxembourg-based Hush plans to offer services such as premium payment cards, cryptocurrency wallets, and a real-time exchange app.

“The growing use of cryptocurrencies and the accompanying increase in ICOs create exciting opportunities to transform the banking experience by leveraging the collective power of community members to both innovate and at the same time guarantee sustainable economic independence,” said Charpentier, in a statement. “Our vision is to forge an active community with a two-fold objective: provide people who are comfortable with cryptocurrencies with a stable, regulated environment to develop everyday use of euro-denominated cryptocurrency; [and] create opportunities for people who are new to cybercurrencies to discover their potential while taking advantage of a mobile service that includes innovative currency exchange services.”

Chaineum stated, in its announcement, that the ICO is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and is designed to guarantee a stable bank capital management strategy for its customers while ensuring the financial independence of the company.

Founded by Laurent Leloup, an expert in blockchain and corporate finance, Chaineum refers to itself as the first French “ICO boutique”, providing a range of end-to-end services to companies and international startups seeking to leverage this new funding mechanism to finance their development. Chaineum is based in Paris and Besançon, where Laurent Leloup is developing the “Blockchain Valley” project.

More information on the ICO presale, which commenced on Jan. 22, can be found on:



Ken Silva
Ken Silva is a journalist who covers the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
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