CVProof.Com Leverages Blockchain to Cut Job Application Fraud

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Share with: announced Tuesday the conclusion of its private token presale with the objective of developing a platform where credentials like diplomas, references, test scores, medical certificates and criminal records can be verified by the issuer and rewarded with INK tokens. 

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The company’s CEO and founder Ray Chow-Toun said, in a statement, “Recruitment is a haphazard process, managed by documents sent digitally to head hunters, put through lengthy and unstructured vetting processes including background and reference checks. The applicant will have his or her formatting preferences, and every recruiter has a different document and receiving system. On average, research shows that 25 percent of applications submitted have credentials discrepancies. It’s all too easy for candidates to defraud.

INK tokens can also be earned by providing other services on the platform, like independent career consulting or CV design, or by recruiters using the platform to receive and process applications and manage the interview process.

Once a credential has been submitted by the issuer and certified by the appropriate party, a fingerprint is loaded onto the blockchain and appended to a job seeker’s profile, allowing recruiters to easily access a candidate’s qualifications and feel secure that the skills listed are accurate and have received official verification, the company stated. It believes that this system levels the playing field for applicants regardless of CV design prowess and creates a more streamlined, trusted hiring process for recruiters.

“ is a platform built from the ground up to do two things – it’ll fight wasteful and expensive credential fraud, and it’ll open up a vibrant new market in the process,” Chow-Toun stated. “Any employer can easily verify the credentials claimed by a potential employee using the same cutting-edge technology that secures cryptocurrency.”

To learn more about and its upcoming public token sale in Q1 2018, visit

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