Arteïa, The Ultimate Decentralized Cataloging Solution To Manage The Value Of Art Collections


    Arteïa‘s solution is an integrated platform serving all the needs of actors in the art market.
    By combining a cloud-based collection management with blockchain services of provenance, peer-to-peer trading and exchanging based on smart contracts, Arteïa brings a cutting-edge solution to the market. These technologies are further enhanced using Artificial Intelligence, data science, and micro-targeting approach to interests and profile matching to provide the highest level of decentralized services to art lovers and art professionals.

    Arteïa has a team of 20 IT professionals, who have been working on the development of the platform for the last two years. With two successful fundraising campaigns ensuring its launch, Arteïa has proven that it can convince investors of its platform’s potential.

    Arteïa has been part of The KHUBE since 2016, which is KPMG Luxembourg’s incubator focussing on fintechs. KPMG Luxembourg assists Arteïa with financial matters.

    Arteïa was also selected by the LHoFT, a Luxembourg-based public-private sector initiative that aims to foster the development of fintechs and notably startups working in the field
    of blockchain technology.