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Leading Global Wealth Management Firm, The Geneva Management Group (GMG) Announces Launch Of New Cryptocurrency Advice Desk


 The Geneva Management Group (GMG), a global financial solutions provider serving both institutional as well as private clients, has added a Crypto Solutions department to its diverse suite of expert offerings.

“This is an exciting new development for GMG,” explained CEO, Dave Elzas. “We witness an increasing interest in virtual currencies and blockchain technology among our clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs and extremely technology savvy. The successful solutions we’ve already provided to many of our clients in this field, enabled us to set up a strong internal team to serve this growing demand”.

Mathieu Saint-Cyr, Managing Director, Crypto Solutions:

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“While ultimately the purpose of Crypto and Blockchain is to “democratize” transactions by allowing peer-to-peer settlements, currently the lack of harmonized regulation and infrastructures leads investors to seek scarce professional support with due diligence, KYC and convertibility of Crypto assets into the classic “fiat” currencies such as the Euro, Dollar etc. As a regulated financial solutions provider, GMG has developed the expertise to bridge this gap”.

In establishing this new department:

“…we have put together a team of specialists, providing a full suite of trading, analysis, corporate services, fund formation and management” he says.

Since transactions involving virtual currencies are all digital in nature, there are no physical limitations imposed by borders, and so clients located anywhere in the world will be able to draw on the specialist services offered by GMG. However, laws and regulations differ in various countries and are in the process of being written to provide a stable legal framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology applications.

“Our worldwide presence allows us to offer specialist services, such as legal and tax advice among other, relevant to the various jurisdictions where our clients are located” adds Elzas.

“In setting this new department up, GMG has created its own, secure e-wallet, allowing us to receive payment from clients in any recognised cryptocurrency,” Elzas continues. “Furthermore, our existing well-established relationships with our banking partners makes cashing out from cryptocurrencies a seamless process. So, too, as regards the conversion between cryptocurrencies – here we will draw on the strong relationships we hold with various exchanges and liquidity providers.”

As for the rollout of the new service offering, GMG is already set up to invest in various blockchain projects. Work has been ongoing in assisting some clients to structure Initial Currency Offerings (ICO) for the raising of capital using virtual currency. This involves legal and tax advice too.

GMG looks forward to providing virtual currencies and blockchain investment solutions to its growing market of investors embarking on this new direction in the financial world.

Geneva Management Group (GMG) is a multi-faceted global financial solutions provider dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their businesses and wealth. Started as a multi-family office, today it has realigned strategically to a business-to-business model. Whether providing financial solutions for corporations, financial institutions and intermediaries, investment funds, trusts and foundations, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders or wealthy families, GMG provides expert guidance on structuring and managing business and wealth in 10 countries and more than 50 markets. Additional information is available on

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technology applications is generating new demands on wealth planners, corporate services providers and investment advisors.

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