DNAtix Releases Live Demo of its Blockchain based Genetic Infrastructure Platform


Digital DNAtix Ltd., the blockchain genetics company, has announced the launch of a demo of its beta genetic wallet platform which is blockchain based, allowing users to get a first glimpse of the company’s future services. The company will offer full genome sequencing and advanced genetic services through its innovative direct to consumer platform.

DNAtix is developing proprietary technology for a dedicated genetic blockchain to enable users to sequence their DNA and then store, transfer and test it. The release of the DEMO is a first look at the groundbreaking new genetic services created by DNAtix. The demo provides a clear path to the growth of a global genetic ecosystem which will enable users to share and explore their genetic makeup in new ways while maintaining full control of their data. 

DNAtix’s genetic ecosystem will link users that are seeking genetically-tailored health and lifestyle solutions with products and services providers that fit their needs. It will also enable users to participate in research and be rewarded.

“We believe that the decentralized genetic blockchain ecosystem will grant users the ability to regain control of their genetic information and manage it as they see fit,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, CEO of DNAtix. “Users should be able to decide what to do with their most private information – their genetic make-up – and, if interested, monetize this data through sharing it with researchers,” Ofer added. “By getting a chance to try out the DEMO, people can get an early feel of what’s coming.”

“We think that in order to create a diversified and global genetic ecosystem we should enable users from different parts of the globe to access advanced blockchain-based genetic services,” said Galit Raiman COO and VP Marketing at DNAtix. “With the release of the DEMO, DNAtix will allow users from all over the world to have a first glance at some of the platform’s capabilities and future services,” Galit added.

As of today, there are no operational direct-to-consumer blockchain platforms offering genetic services that compare to what DNAtix is developing. These services include full or partial (exome) genome sequencing, testing and storage and transfer of DNA.

“Genetics is not easy to understand if you are not an expert in the field. Implementation of Blockchain and the use of “genetic tokens” makes it even more challenging for the user. Our goal is to create a user-friendly experience, so people can get the most out of genetics” said Dr. Tal Sines, DNAtix CSO. 

“Direct-to-consumer genetic tests are here to stay. The secure and private DNAtix platform driven by blockchain technology will further increase global access to precise and personalized medicine,’’ Dr. Sines added.

Visit the live demo at: www.dnatix.io/LiveDemo