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Samsung SDS is announcing its plans to innovate in various fields with Blockchain and Intelligent Process Automation

Samsung SDS, will announce a new service that enhances traceability of supply chain based on Blockchain and logistics business automation at the ‘Cello Conference 2019’ to be held on March 14.

Blockchain based supply chain technology allows for a more secure and transparent way of tracking all types of transactions, presenting lots of possibilities across the supply chain. When a product changes hands, the transaction can be documented, creating a permanent history of a product, from manufacture to sale. This process could dramatically reduce time delays, added costs, and human error that can plague transactions today.

Samsung’s new service will provide transparent processing history of the aquaculture-shipping-distribution of the marine products to the consumers and ASK (All about seafood in Korea) Export Council consisting of domestic seafood processing companies.

This service, which is provided in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), was first commercialized in Korea for the ASK Export Council after its service verification through a pilot project last year.

Samsung SDS is also planning to introduce cases of logistics business automation with Brity Works, an Intelligent Process Automation solution of Samsung SDS.

Brity Works has improved work efficiency in several areas by automating simple repetitive tasks done by about 100 employees such as accessing the shipping site to collect and input transportation information of the freights.

In addition to business automation, Samsung SDS is also in the process of presenting a business model of Last Mile Delivery, which is focused on delivering items to the end user as fast as possible. Applied in Germany, the model provides optimized logistics services through logistics network based on Cello platform.

“We will continue to pursue various logistics innovation through latest technologies such as Blockchain and AI, and will strengthen external business by heightening the competitiveness of smart logistics service,” said Hyung-Tae Kim, executive vice president, leader of logistics business unit of Samsung SDS.

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