Craig Wright Pressured to Produce Evidence of Bitcoin and Blind Trust in the Dave Kleiman vs Craig Wright 1.1 Million BTC Court Case


The pressure is rising on Craig Wright to produce evidence in the case of the estate of Dave Kleiman vs Craig Wright.  An order was issued on May 3, 2019, on Craig Wright’s motion regarding the production of a list of the public addresses of his bitcoin as of December 31, 2013. Wright was ordered to produce a list of his bitcoin holdings by May 15, 2019, after the court denied his motion for a protective order based on undue burden. 

Wright tried to fight back by stating that he does not have a complete list of the public addresses he owned on any date, including December 31, 2013, adding that in 2011, he transferred ownership of all his bitcoin to a blind trust. But that did not fly. 

The motion also ordered Wright to produce detailed information about the alleged trust to which he transferred the bitcoin to by May 9, 2019. 

Kleiman estate’s claim that Wright misappropriated billions of dollars of bitcoin (1.1 million BTC) through a complicated multi-year partnership earlier this decade.

At bitcoin’s highest price in December 2017, USD $19,783.06 for one BTC – 1.1 million BTC was worth USD $21,761,366,000