Xaya’s Latest Emerging Hit Taurion is Going into a Hard Fork Within 24 hours


This hard fork will activate automatically for anyone using 0.5.3 or later version of the Taurion installer.

Although it is not compulsory to upgrade, they recommend you should because if you don’t we will not pay out the prizes for those in the original dimension. Although prizes are won in a decentralised provably fair way, paying them out is not. Therefore in this alpha instance, you must update if you want to claim the prizes at the end of the competition.

If you do not update, you will be playing in a parallel universe where different events may and will occur.

You can download the hard fork version here:



Taurion: Graduation Day
Taurion: You’ll need a map!
Taurion: F*&% Jodons
Taurion: In the beginning…
Taurion: The Planets, The Signal, The Mission…
Taurion: The Ephrati
Taurion: The Reubos
Taurion: The Jodons

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