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a\terHEN to Host NFT Exhibition Featuring Prominent Russian Artists

The contemporary NFT art world will be in the spotlight on the international digital platform, which will host what is believed to be among the first NFT exhibitions to ever take place in Russia. The Aksenov Family Foundation today announced the NFT exhibition would be built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain featuring key contemporary Russian artists, open for a nearly month-long public viewing beginning on Thursday, February 10, 2022 to March 7, 2022.

Titled Acollection, it compiles a complex and multifaceted commentary on the variety of images that form our understanding of the modern world. Tapping into folklore, environmental and social justice, but also offering a new vision of the digital world or an ironic criticism of reality, it will feature 10 artists with nearly 40 works of art from across Russia, commissioned specifically for this exhibition. This exhibition will include works by prominent artists such as Dmitry Gutov and Alexander Kosolapov, whose collections have been featured at the Museum of Modern Art.

Below are a few notable dates throughout the exhibition:

  • February 10th at 3PM CET (Public Opening): The Aksenov Family Foundation and alterHEN will host an online opening with a presentation of the exhibition by Dmitry Aksenov, founder of the Aksenov Family Foundation and the 10 guest artists (register here)
  • February 25th at 3PM CET: The exhibition will feature a panel discussion open to the public gathering key actors from the art and crypto world to discuss how contemporary art collectors approach NFTs, either from a private foundation or a public museum perspective (register here)

“This project is a step towards transforming the role of culture and technology in contemporary society. Today, we are seeing a global revolution in the art world. The appearance of non-fungible tokens has significantly increased the number of people involved in collecting high-quality digital art — both due to the brilliance of artists and an accessible price,” stated Dmitry Aksenov, founder of the Aksenov Family Foundation.

This unique, groundbreaking exhibition will feature the following contemporary Russian artists: Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Liza Bobkova, Alina Glazoun, Dmitri Gutov, Alexander Kosolapov, Dmitry Kavka, Liza Kulagina, Albina Mokhryakova, Ulyana Podkorytova, and Anastasia Samoylova.

“Museums, art festivals, art fairs attract numerous art lovers, but how many of them are collectors? We imagine that collecting affordable limited digital editions of quality works of art can become a new cultural activity where the pleasure of discovering, curating, acquiring artworks is democratized,” explained Patrick Tresset, founder of alterHEN.

a\terHEN, a new Tezos-based online art gallery, founded by Patrick Tresset and Diane Drubay, that offers new models for the cultural economy, being accessible to all and providing high-quality, affordable artworks. With digital limited editions, artists, cultural actors and institutions can find new revenue streams and space for reflection of shared values behind the NFT community.

Tezos’ energy-efficient design and low costs to mint and transact NFTs have subsequently attracted a diverse NFT community of artists, collectors, and builders around the world. With Tezos home to major NFT platforms, more brands are choosing to build on Tezos than ever before. Other notable organizations building on Tezos include The Gap, Ubisoft, Bank of France, Société Générale, music NFT platform OneOf and more. Tezos also recently exhibited a highly successful NFT interactive experience at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2021.

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