With Smile Coin Integration BlokSports Achieves Early Lead in Play-to-Earn Gaming Race


Smile Coin is excited to partner with BlokSports, an innovative decentralized betting exchange that allows players around the world to bet against each other instantly through the blockchain. When BlokSports players use the Smile Coin payment rail, they automatically start to receive Smile Coin Network rewards. This has the effect of boosting retention and player value. In the case of Grin Gaming, integrating Smile Coin resulted in a 48% 30-day player retention, over 15x higher than the industry average.

Web3 play-to-earn is redefining the gaming industry. Platforms like Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, and Zed Run have proven that incentive-first game mechanics are a massive draw for players, earning Axie Infinity $1.3B in revenue in the last year.

Despite the fact that Web3 is an extremely valuable tool for any gaming operation, it presents a number of challenges regarding blockchain, security, and economics to platforms seeking to upgrade their Web2 offerings. Cue Smile Coin’s Web3 SDK: Smile Coin’s revolutionary offering allows any Web2 platform to become Web3 in just 10 lines of code. The sophisticated Smile Coin SDK abstracts all of the complex blockchain engineerings and gives companies instant crypto payment processing with just 0.25% processing fees. And thanks to Algorand’s lightning-fast 4.4 second block time, all Smile Coin payments settle in the blink of an eye.

When players pay or receive funds on a Smile Coin-integrated platform, they are automatically enrolled in the Smile Coin Network’s rewards ecosystem. The Network incentivizes increased play volume by paying rewards on an hourly basis based on player activity across all of the gaming partners in Smile Coin’s network – the more players play, the more they earn, anywhere in-network.