Splinterlands and Rad Intelligence to Work Together to Expand Global Guild/Scholar Program


Splinterlands, the #1 most played blockchain game, today announced that it will work in partnership with Rad Intelligence (RAD AI) to help expand its global Guild/Scholar program. The scholar program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own Guilds and create meaningful income opportunities for themselves and people around the world.

The partnership is set to provide marketing infrastructure for a variety of blockchain based projects by showcasing how Rad Intelligence’s AI EQ can drive the important Splinterlands initiatives. The deal aims to bridge the gap between traditional web 2.0 and web 3.0 marketing strategies and will showcase the results on the Hive blockchain for all web 3.0 projects to see.

Jeremy Barnett, Rad Intelligence’s Chief Executive Officer said: “Our primary focus is educating entrepreneurs about the core benefits of the Splinterlands Guild and Scholar program. It’s a privilege for us to be able to work closely with Splinterlands, the leader in play-to earn (P2E) Web3 gaming. We look forward to playing a small part in their successful efforts to catalyze and build this brave new world”.  Barnett continues, “Marketing is typically a never ending jargon filled bowl of confusion.  By putting the results of each Web3 marketing experiment on the blockchain, we create an encyclopedia of marketing intelligence accessible to everyone.”

Liam Labistour, Splinterlands’ Director of Growth said, “Splinterlands has successfully built the infrastructure for, and is ready to create a free market economy with its newest update to ranked rewards and the card market. In doing so, Splinterlands has seen community led micro ecosystems being formed within the framework of the game.” He continues, “Guild and scholar models are a great example of this. Scholars, who act as members of a guild, are able to earn consistent and reliable income from playing Splinterlands with guild-delegated-assets. We believe this is a key puzzle piece to community growth and are proud to support this new economy to our fullest capacity.”

By using RAD’s AI EQ to create high volumes of sequential episodic content, people from around the world can now be educated on how to participate safely and opportunistically in the Splinterlands play-to-earn gaming ecosystem.