Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Chris Middleton

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Chris Middleton is one of the UK's leading business and IT journalists, and an acknowledged expert in robotics and AI. He is editor of Internet of Business, and contributing editor to Diginomica and Computing. He is the former editor of Computing, Computer Business Review, Professional Outsourcing, sourcingfocus.com, and Strategist magazine, among others, and has also written for Computer Weekly, The Guardian, The Times, the BBC, V3, The Inquirer, and PC Pro, among many others. He is the author of several books on digital media, and the editor of more than 50 others. As a public speaker, he has hosted conferences on robotics, AI, and space exploration. He owns two humanoid robots, and has appeared as a robotics expert on BBC1, ITN, BBC Radio 2, BBC local radio, and Talk Radio.

Who’s the DADI? UK Blockchain Startup Takes Cloud Services Fight to Amazon and Google

UK blockchain startup DADI on Thursday announced the Beta launch of the DADI network, short for the ‘Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet’. The organization...