Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Tag: Custodian

Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Association’s Cybersecurity Group Rolls Out New Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets

Switzerland's The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) Cybersecurity Working Group, has published its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines in order to improve awareness of the importance of...

London-based Custodian For Digital Assets, Copper, Reach $500m In Transactions In Just Three Months

Since launching its infrastructure in June, Copper, the London-based custodian for digital assets, has already processed $500m in transactions witnessing exponential growth in the...

Bryan Feinberg: WandX – Financial instruments on Ethereum tokens through smart contracts

Abhinav Ramesh, the CEO of WandX, is building the financial instrument infrastructure on the rapidly growing Ethereum token market. Imagine the equivalent of a...

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