Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Lithuania Kicks Off Securitized Token Revolution

Lithuania has introduced the world’s first security initial coin offerings (ICOs) platform, opening up the Baltic state for global blockchain based businesses. Announced on...

Award-Winning Crypto Comedy: KevCoin the Movie Premieres June 28

The world of cryptocurrency collides with the big screen in a new comedy film, KevCoin the movie, following the efforts of rock ‘n’ roll...

Swachhcoin to Use Blockchain to Mitigate Waste Crisis, Airdrop Tomorrow

Waste management project Swachhcoin today announced that its Presale will start on June 1, preceded by an airdrop for community members, scheduled to start...

MEW and Kyber Network Commence Token Swap Service

Popular Ethereum wallet provider MEW and decentralized exchange platform Kyber Network have launched a new token swap service to allow Ether holders to instantly...

Sun Exchange Launches SUNEX Token for Solar Venture

Blockchain-based solar power leasing marketplace Sun Exchange on Tuesday announced a digital token designed to minimize risk and unlock financing for underserved solar projects....

New Decentralized Crypto Exchange Ethen to Prioritize Accessibility Along With Security

A new cryptocurrency exchange, Ethen, focused on an algorithm for acquiring and trading ERC20 tokens and wallets integrated with Ethereum-based smart contracts, launched on...

EnvisionX Launches ICO for Transparent, Programmatic Advertising Platform

Digital advertising company EnvisionX on Tuesday launched an initial coin offering (ICO) to develop its EXCHAIN advertising platform, which promises a blockchain-based, transparent, programmatic...

Polyswarm Raises $26M for Decentralized Anti-Malware Platform

Decentralized antivirus marketplace PolySwarm today announced the completion of its Nectar token sale, raising USD 25.94 million. Nectar (NCT) is an ERC20-compatible utility token...

Kik’s Kin Token Now Powered by Stellar and Ethereum in Parallel for Faster Transactions

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation, an independent, nonprofit governance body for the cryptocurrency Kin, announced Wednesday that it will use the Stellar blockchain to improve...

Millennium Blockchain Invests $5m in Healthcare Platform BurstIQ

As crypto-focused capital continues to gravitate strongly towards the medical sector, holding company, Millennium Blockchain (OTC:MBLC) on Wednesday outlined plans to sink USD 5...