Red Hat Introduces New Partner Initiative for Blockchain Software Vendors


Red Hat has announced a new initiative to meet the needs of Fintech startups and financial services independent software vendors (ISVs) who are developing Blockchain applications and technologies. The OpenShift Blockchain Initiative is designed to help financial services industry customers build hosted Blockchain solutions, while Red Hat manages container application deployment and support through OpenShift Dedicated.

“As enterprises begin to explore the use of blockchain application software, OpenShift Dedicated can provide a well-suited platform for a streamlined, more secure development environment. The hosted container application platform environment, combined with Red Hat’s support and enablement training, offers partners and developers interested in building blockchain applications greater confidence that they can move toward these cloud-based services,” said Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat.

Launched in December 2015, OpenShift Dedicated has emerged as a popular offering for container application platform customers, providing the power and flexibility of OpenShift’s core platform managed by Red Hat’s engineering, operations and support teams, in addition to the open source Docker container and Kubernetes orchestration technologies. OpenShift Dedicated presents an ideal choice for startups in the blockchain space, fintech ISVs, and traditional financial institutions beginning to explore blockchain-based apps.

“We are pleased to partner with Red Hat and have initially deployed BlockApps STRATO, our Ethereum Blockchain infrastructure on OpenShift. This platform supports the development of smart contract solutions and can allow developers to build and deploy their blockchain applications very quickly. The collaboration was a logical direction and BlockApps is incredibly excited to work with Red Hat as the first blockchain provider on the OpenShift platform,” said Andrew Keys, Co-Founder, ConsenSys Enterprise.

Using OpenShift Dedicated, fintech startups, ISVs, and financial institutions can explore blockchain-based cloud services that use open source technology to develop updated transactional applications that can help streamline business processes on a transparent and more secure platform. OpenShift Dedicated by Red Hat powers blockchain solutions through its container application platform technology, providing an applicable base across a wide range of industries, businesses and software systems. Through the new OpenShift Blockchain Initiative, ISVs will be able to gain access to the OpenShift Dedicated environment, training workshops, enablement materials, go-to-market activities, and OpenShift Commons membership.

Red Hat has already displayed commitment to the growing variety of blockchain solutions through its participation in the recently announced Hyperledger Project, an open governance project centered around advancing blockchain technology through an open, decentralized platform. Through this upstream work, Red Hat is contributing to the development of distributed ledger technology that is well-suited for a variety of industries including: finance; manufacturing; banking; insurance; and the Internet of Things.

Interested software vendors who would like to learn more about blockchain opportunities on the OpenShift platform can sign up here.