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Dubai Future Foundation , Global Blockchain Council, and du Announce Plans to Revolutionise Healthcare in the UAE with Blockchain

Together with the support of Dubai Future Foundation through the Global Blockchain Council, United Arab Emirates Telco giant du today announced plans to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE using pioneering Blockchain technology. For the first time in the UAE, du’s pilot will introduce a safer common system for instantly sharing and verifying electronic health records (EHR) between hospitals and clinics.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of another recent deal between the Dubai Future Foundation and Loyyal who announced the development of Dubai Points, a Blockchain based program to incentivize tourism.

In a presentation at the Keynote Blockchain Technology Conference in Dubai, du explained how it plans to replace the lengthy existing manual process with a system that can transfer, and automatically verify, patient records in seconds.

The medical record-sharing process used prior to this technology was both lengthy and cumbersome, and prone to human error. Crucially, Blockchain helps tamper-proof sensitive patient records by adding enhanced layers of security, which renew each time a file is shared. As a result, patients are left reassured that any hospital or clinic they visit will have instant access to their medical records. For hospitals and clinics, the new service introduces a more efficient method of treating patients, saving valuable resources and saving costs. The initiative is one of the first to come from the Global Blockchain Council, led by the Dubai Future Foundation, as part of Dubai’s Future agenda that was approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

“We are following our leadership’s directive to put plans into action through the Future Agenda. Blockchain is a technology that can make transactions and transfers safer and faster; and by launching pilot projects through the Global Blockchain Council members, we will be showing real examples of the impact that this technology can have and the role it can play in Dubai’s fast-paced development. du has always been on the forefront of supporting innovation in the UAE. In this pilot, du will be taking the healthcare sector in UAE a step closer to having smarter services. We are very proud of this initiative, which will be prototyped in Dubai, and we look forward to receiving the positive reviews of its implementation,” said Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation.

Carlos Domingo, Senior Executive Officer New Business & Innovation at du said:

“We’re proud to be bringing another first in innovation to the UAE, and at the same time help Dubai in achieving its ambitions for a healthier, smarter future. We’re creating a common, faster protocol for sharing patient information across the UAE, bringing a new age of efficiency to the healthcare sector. With this technology in place, patients entering any clinic or hospital can be assured those treating them will already know their medical background – in emergency situations this could save lives.”

EHR through Blockchain technology can also help UAE government to develop big data for the residents of UAE which can assist civil defense and health authorities to plan strategies to overcome any medical emergencies or epidemics. This pilot also marks an important step towards digitising hospitals to become part of Smart City.

As end-to-end service providers, du will also call on support from Guardtime, industry leaders in building Blockchain solutions for the health care industry. Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime said:

“We are thrilled to participate in this Dubai pilot. Our experience in implementing Blockchain-based systems within Estonian government, a global leader in electronic governance, will facilitate the development and integration of the solution and will ensure the fastest and most secure access to patient records.”

du has also partnered in another Blockchain Technology pilot with Loyyal and Dubai Tourism with the Dubai Global Blockchain Council. Loyyal’s Dubai Points initiative is a world-first for any tourist destination to have this scheme. du will be facilitating this loyalty points program by providing communications & identity authentication. This program will offer more business opportunities in the loyalty space.

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