Drachmae Travel Rolls Out Blockchain Travel Competition and Investment Tool for Globetrotters


Drachmae Travel Club, an exclusive Blockchain travel portal is conducting a competition for travelers. The ‘Bitcoin Altcoin and Blockchain Competition’ requires participating travelers to record the travel details and expenses incurred during their trips in the last year. The winners will be judged by the platform based on their travel, spending, reasons for travel and the currencies used during the course of their trip.

Drachmae Travel Club offers an exclusive travel club ecosystem, is open only for 10000 members. The members are offered access to a single point platform from where they can plan and book their whole trip along with specialized services to make it a much pleasurable experience. Members can pay for all the services using Drachmae Club’s own DT crypto-tokens or any other digital and fiat payment methods of their choice.

The company’s Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain Competition is designed by Drachmae Travel Club with the goal of understanding the role of travel in the current digital world and the costs associated with such business and pleasure trips. The platform will consider the total travel costs incurred by participants in the year 2015 and the breakdown of costs into digital currency and fiat payments along with the nature of the trip (whether it was on business or to attend an event or a personal trip etc.). Drachmae is interested in understanding the Bitcoin usage trend among the participants and compare the benefits of making payments in Bitcoin over fiat currency for tickets, car rentals, restaurants and hotels.

The 10 winners of Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain Competition will receive one-year free membership to the exclusive Drachmae Club (DClub) along with a deposit of 200,000 DT tokens in their travel portal wallets as a bonus reward. These DT tokens can be used over Drachmae Travel portal to book flights and hotels. Like DT tokens, these memberships are also registered on the Blockchain and it can be traded with other as well. The limited nature of the membership, fixed at 10,000 makes it an attractive tradable asset. DT tokens can be readily traded on C-CEX cryptocurrency exchange.

Pre-registration for Drachmae Club is currently open. The platform will be opening the membership in three separate tranches of 5000, 3000 and 2000 at the cost of $10, $15 and $20 respectively. Memberships bought during each respective release will also include 250, 200 and 150 DT tokens each. Users may own more than one membership. Members are not required to pay the monthly subscription if the account holders do not require access to the active member’s area and booking services. Register for the Drachmae Travel Club Membership here .