Ukrainian Startup Nodio Introduces Blockchain-powered Wifi Router


A collective of Ukrainian Blockchain innovators have come up with a unique hardware/software combination solution called Nodio — a Blockchain-powered wifi router that serves as a platform for decentralized applications.

Its purpose is to transform obscure technologies into simple solutions for everyday use. Nodio is much more than a regular router. It uses Blockchain for running DApps (Decentralized Applications) and guarantees the highest level of privacy for every solution based on a device.

Just imagine a real peer-to-peer Internet with messengers, social media, and browsers immune to external threats and hacks, free from censorship and fear of being exposed.

Nodio provides a personal VPN over Tor server, which doesn’t store any metadata. Forget unsecured cloud storages — with a distributed storage from Nodio you receive a safe and simple place to keep your data, and for your most sensitive digital possessions they hace equipped Nodio with a 500GB hard drive with  some pretty impressive hardware inside — an LTE module keeps you online in case a primary Internet source gets shut down, and a 4000 mAh battery which ensures a 24/7 performance and… all of this powered by an Octa-core cpu.

Nodio comes with a native app for its management, and right now they are developing three more free decentralized applications for messaging, cryptocurrency trading, and funds storage. All DApps are open-source and developed on their own custom Linux platform they call Xana. The beauty of Xana is in its flexibility and with Xana, developers can build their DApps for Nodio in the programming language of their choice… whether it be an application for personal use or a commercial DApp placed on the App Store and Google Play.

The Future

The founders feel that Nodio has the potential  to manage an IoT network of a smart home, be a connecting link for sharing economy deals or build a secure decentralized network for your business.

Nodio can combine different Blockchains together in a single solution and create mesh networks to spread the Internet for miles beyond its original coverage, this two features alone make the device stand out. What we like the most is that the future of Nodio doesn’t depend on us alone, but also on people who will invest their skills and creativity to build new solutions based on this remarkable device.

The team is also doing a crowdsale at so drop by and give them some support!