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Novus To Launch Innovative Blockchain Advanced File Index System

Novus, a Delaware-based software development firm has a announced the launch of the Advanced File Index (“AFIX”), a Blockchain-based application that leverages the power of the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) in combination with the Novusphere Blockchain database to provide a decentralized and efficient content index that cannot be censored.

The development of the AFIX gateway is only the first step to fulfill the firm’s vision to expand its network into a number of additional sectors where companies are starting to realize the advantages that Blockchain technology can bring. These include machine learning-based trading, inventory control technology and much more.

“This new product/system development was engaged by our company in line with our observation that many companies have begun to understand the power of Blockchain technology, and some of the biggest names in the technology sector are starting hundreds of projects – from data security to logistic management. Our tech team at Novus with the passion to maintain our leading position in the technology sector keyed in into the technological progress wheel by developing a system which will be the key tool for the next generation media sharing,” stated the founder and CEO of Novus.

The Advanced File Index works as a layer for the IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that greatly improves on current protocols like HTTP by making content fully decentralized (which makes it censorship-resistant), eliminating duplicates, and providing historic versioning, ensuring that information is not easily erased like it is from the web. The implication of combining such technologies (IPFS and Blockchain Technology) is staggering due to the current limitations of bandwidth and data processing found in mainstream protocols, thereby making the Novusphere technology a fundamental step towards creating a self-sustaining infrastructure for the Internet.

By allowing the community members of the Novusphere Blockchain to easily submit content from the IPFS by referencing its unique cryptographic hash along with its correct info (title, description, and so on), the AFIX becomes a web-based entry point into the IPFS network, allowing users to benefit from its advantages without the need to go through any complicated processes.

Content can be easily submitted or accessed through the AFIX Gateway. Users that submit content also have the option of adding a render script to define how to present the data to the user, while the user that is looking for content can take advantage of this to narrow down his search in a content-specific format by using Specific File Search Interfaces (SFSI). For example, users that want to watch movies can use the a SFSI designed for movies, that only searches for videos and presents them in an organized fashion.

“The Advanced File Index, or AFIX, is an index, or queryable database, of metadata objects otherwise known as ‘Smart Objects’. It has limitless potentials including its ability to create a thriving file sharing network on top of the robust IPFS hypermedia protocol thereby enabling files to be found through specialized smart object structures defined by the system, and also enabling users the freedom to create their own specialized structures,” stated the founder and CEO of Novus.

The major advantage of the AFIX layer provided by the Novusphere Blockchain is that its underlying principle is applicable to almost any digital content sharing industry in the form of a content-specific SFSI, allowing the content to be easily found and downloaded (at a more cost-efficient rate than HTTP) and to have a much bigger lifespan (with no duplicates) thanks to historic versioning.

Not only can the AFIX technology be leveraged by companies, it can also be a community-driven tool thanks to the implementation of Atoms-based systems. The Atom is the underlying asset of the Novushpere Blockchain, and it will be used as the basis for all monetary systems within the AFIX, including a content rating system, a content request system, dispute resolution system and gateway advertisement. These systems will allow users to earn and spend Atmos, creating several use cases for the asset and revenue opportunities for users.

For more information about Novus and its new tech system the Advanced File Index, visit

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