Nick Gogerty Joins the Lykke Team as Chief Strategist


Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company building a global Blockchain-powered marketplace, welcomes Nick Gogerty to its growing team of thought leaders and innovators in fintech. Gogerty is the founder of SolarCoin, a token that represents kilowatt hours of solar energy that can be traded on the Lykke exchange. He also co-founded and was CTO of – a project for using economic incentives to reduce the global diabetes epidemic.

Gogerty joins Lykke’s founders, Richard Olsen and Sergey Ivliev, and their team of Blockchain and fintech experts.

”There is a global revolution going on,” says Gogerty, “that combines Blockchain technology, finance, and positive social change. I believe Lykke has the vision and capability to play a significant role in shaping this revolution.”

Gogerty previously worked at one of the world’s largest global-macro hedge funds as a Sr. business analyst. He has been involved in risk analysis, Forex trading, and software development for more than twenty years.

From the East Coast office, Gogerty will function in several roles.

”Lykke is building a massive platform for growth,” he says. “Much of that work isn’t public yet. My near term job is to support Lykke’s platform by finding the early partners and new products and services that will deliver exponential growth across geographies, business sectors and customers, from individuals to institutions.”

The Lykke team is thrilled to welcome him to the Lykke family. For more information, please visit or contact