Silicon Valley’s Boost VC to Invest in ICOs


In a recent blog post from Brayton Williams of Boost VC – he has announced that the San Mateo-based venture capital firm will start investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

We are looking for talented developers looking to build the next protocols of the internet. We are looking for entrepreneurs building the future of decentralized companies. Something the truly drives our investment thesis is following developer communities. Although this is still an extremely nascent space, I believe as Chris Dixon of A16Z said “What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years,” and I believe some of the smartest people in the world are working on blockchain technologies.

So we are looking for these people to tell us how they imagine the future and we want to provide early funding and resources to help them achieve it. A few things we are especially interested in are:

– Low level protocol stack to help build out decentralized internet which Coinbase founder Fred Ehrsam wrote about here

– Stable coins

– Tools to help run DAOs and OSS projects

– Governance models


Boost VC has invested in more than 180 companies and being deeply involved in Blockchain technology for over 4 years and they feel they are uniquely qualified in supporting this emerging token ecosystem. They plan to provide:

– Funding— ($25–100k) to give runway to build out product before doing a token sale (we have been fearful of those who do a token sale with no code to show).

– Network — For over 4 years we have built out a blockchain specific network with over 100 blockchain founders in our portfolio, over 100 co-investors in our companies, and a number of corporates, developers and enthusiasts.

– Knowledge/Strategy —We have learned a lot in our 4 years working with blockchain companies and have seen what works and does not.

– Housing/Office Space — Although most decentralized projects usually also comprise of decentralized teams we think there is something to be said about working side by side in the early days of a project. Therefore we provide a place in Silicon Valley to live and work to focus on building.