Avalon Life Puts Land Ownership on Blockchain, Launches GREEN EARTH ZERO Service with NEM Technology

Avalon Life announces Green Earth Zero tokens, makes buying less than one square meter of land possible in Costa Rica.


Avalon Life, a cryptocurrency mining company has announced the launch of an innovative GREEN EARTH ZERO service, backed by the namesake Green Earth Zero token. Created using the NEM Blockchain technology, GREEN EARTH ZERO service enables participants to own land by the square meter in Costa Rica.

Avalon Life has incorporated a simple, easy to use three step process for the users to sign up and buy Green Earth Zero tokens directly on the Blockchain platform in a quick and secure way. Avalon Life has developed a customized Blockchain wallet based on NEM technology to release this service.

The CEO of Avalon Life Tom Koller, explaining the choice of NEM over other technologies said,

“We use NEM because of its customizable features, assets, and security measures. It is the only platform advanced enough to launch GREEN EARTH ZERO that has proven over time to be secure and reliable.”

Participants in the GREEN EARTH ZERO project can try out the platform’s cryptocurrency wallet at www.greenearthwallet.com for free, sign-up and manage their tokens and cryptocurrencies at any time. The project is considered as a breakthrough in the financial technology because, for the first time in history, a Blockchain technology has rolled out a real-world service where ownership of a piece of land is managed on the Blockchain with a token. Avalon Life is looking into a promising future where many people realize that owning land on the Blockchain means security and decentralized registry of land ownership.

Avalon Life is a company committed to the production or “mining” of DASH, a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. Avalon Life maintains five mining facilities in Costa Rica and Switzerland, with plans to expand its mining operations across the globe. The head office of Avalon Life S.A. is in Costa Rica, Calle Blancos del Colegio de Microbiólogos 50 metros al Oeste, San Jose (Goicoechea) 20801. The company was registered in HR San Jose as a limited company in May 2016 under the registration number 3-101-715204.

NEM is an out-of-the-box Blockchain platform launched in March 2015. NEM has some of the best-designed Blockchain features which include multisignature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. The NEM Blockchain software and its successful permission-chain adaptation, “Mijin” are being tested by financial institutions and private companies in Japan and internationally.

Learn more about Avalon Life S.A. at – http://www.avalon-life.com
Try out Green Earth Wallet at – http://www.greenearthwallet.com
Know more about NEM at – https://www.nem.io/