Report on Blockchain Start-up Marketing Maturity Shows Challenges and Opportunities Ahead


The Decentralized Marketing Network (DMN), a peer-to-peer group for decentralized and Blockchain-based start-ups to improve marketing competency, released the first-ever “Marketing Maturity of Decentralized Startups, Q2 2017” today.

The Marketing Maturity of Decentralized Startups, Q2 2017 surveyed nearly 5 per cent of the global decentralized start-up industry. The report found that most start-ups and projects are not focused on marketing as a strategic necessity. Only 35 per cent of start-ups have anyone tasked with marketing and less than 5 per cent of budgets are allocated to marketing. The bulk of this investment is dedicated to content marketing (97 per cent of the start-ups surveyed are active bloggers; 87 per cent rely on organic Facebook and Twitter posts to build their eminence), trade shows and other events (83 per cent ).

“While many decentralization projects engage in marketing activities, a few key themes emerged as a challenge,” said Jeremy Epstein, Executive Director of the DMN and CEO of Never Stop Marketing. “Most start-up founders are technical so many struggle with communicating features instead of benefits, a clear value proposition and consistent messaging.”

The report also offers a reason for optimism for those who believe in the decentralization movement. The next 12 months will bring a huge wave of investment in marketing efforts among decentralized projects. The report found that 75 per cent of decentralized start-ups plan to increase marketing headcount and 70 per cent will increase overall marketing spend.

“We’re definitely seeing a growing awareness of marketing as more than online posts and events,” said Chris Cable, Community Manager of the DMN and the report’s author. “Headed into 2018, we expect to see a separation from the pack among those who prioritize strategic marketing versus the random, ad-hoc efforts that are commonplace now.”

The Marketing Maturity of Decentralized Startups, Q2 2017 is available for download from the Decentralized Marketing Network website.


The Decentralized Marketing Network was established to address this industry-wide challenge. The DMN offers Blockchain, decentralized, and crypto- start-ups a peer-to-peer environment to learn the basics of marketing from world-class experts and a collaborative forum to understand the successes and failures of others. Membership is currently free and offers multiple benefits including a “quick tips on marketing” newsletter, regular educational webinars, and a Slack channel.”

The Decentralized Marketing Network has 100 members from around the world. Founders include Storj, Rootstock, OpenBazaar, Tierion, Funderbeam, and Never Stop Marketing.

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