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Fintech Investment Group Launches With AI Forex Trading Platform And Compcoin Digital Tokens Ahead Of Initial Coin Offering

Today, Fintech Investment Group (FIG) formally unveiled its financial advisory firm, algorithmic forex trading platform and Compcoin digital tokens ahead of its impending Initial Coin Offering (ICO), slated for early June.

Established in 2016 by veteran technologists and financial professionals, FIG is a commodity trading advisory firm and member National Futures Association that provides independent investors with the financial advice and technology to successfully manage and trade in the financial markets.

The company and its founders have also launched Compcoin, a new digital token focused on investing and growing capital. Investors may buy and hold Compcoin to leverage it as an alternative investment vehicle. However, the primary function of Compcoin is to grant investors access to ART – a proprietary, automated, algorithmic foreign currency exchange (forex) trading platform developed by FIG. Compcoin is the first digital token that enables access the world of algorithmic trading in the $5 trillion per day global currency market. Previously, this sophisticated technology has only been available to elite investors, hedge fund managers and global banks.

With Compcoin’s planned ICO in early June, FIG hopes to raise up to $30 million, which will go toward the development of new investor technologies, customer acquisition and company growth. Further details about the offering will be released at a later date.

“Compcoin was created to appeal to a broad range of investors, serving as both a long-term investment vehicle whose value increases over time, and as a gateway to algorithmic forex trading, the largest, most liquid financial market in the world,” said Alan Friedland, founder of FIG and Compcoin, and creator of ART.

“With the digital currency market expecting to reach $1.7 trillion in seven years, Compcoin represents a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios, explore new investment strategies, maximize their returns and get in on the ground floor of one of the most promising new financial enterprises.”

What is Compcoin?

Compcoin is a US-based digital financial asset that is superior in its transparency and ability to store long-term value, and the key to leveling the investor playing field by unlocking sophisticated, A.I.-enhanced trading technologies. Compcoin’s value is tied to the demand for and performance of ART’s algorithmic forex trading platform. The more Compcoin an investor owns, the more money the investor can leverage for forex trades with ART. Since the supply of Compcoin will be limited, this demand will increase the value of Compcoin for long-term investors, forex traders and speculators alike on the open market.

Enter ART

ART uses sophisticated machine learning, predictive analytics and bayesian logic to execute on high probability trades and trends in US Dollar and Euro currencies. After more than five years of R&D, ART has successfully predicted USD/Euro currency trades and delivered outsized returns both in a testing environment and with live investors. Using 30 years of historical forex trading data to forecast future currency movements, ART automatically executes trades on behalf of Compcoin users and eliminates many of the emotional or technical mistakes that both novice and experienced forex traders routinely make.

“According to the Brookings Institute, access to top investment strategies is a key advantage for elite investors to increase their wealth. Incredibly, there are actual laws that enable only the wealthiest investors to get privileged access to the best trading strategies through private  hedge fund investing,” said Alan Friedland. “In the next few years, we expect that a financial superhighway of value will evolve from Blockchain’s ability to serve financial services to billions of individuals without the need to pool or combine investments into centralized funds. This will allow investors to directly trade digital products, virtual goods, assets and services with one another.”

Founded in 2016, Fintech Investment Group (FIG) is a digital commodity trading advisory firm that empowers investors to increase savings while retaining liquidity through the guided accumulation of digital assets. The company manages investing using ART, its A.I.-enhanced algorithmic forex trading platform, and Compcoin, a new digital token focused on investing and growing capital. FIG aims to democratize access to high-tech investment algorithms and provide outsized returns securely and transparently. The firm is based in Florida with access to the international markets.

Compcoin is a unique, innovative, US-based digital asset that focuses on investing and increasing earnings growth, instead of spending or other transactional purposes. Compcoin is designed to be a financial asset superior in its ability to store long-term value. Investors may buy Compcoin to leverage it as an alternative investment vehicle – similar to the way investors buy, hold and sell other asset classes (e.g., equities, bonds, commodities, precious metals, etc.). The primary function of Compcoin is to grant investors access to ART – a proprietary and automated artificial intelligence foreign currency exchange (forex) trading platform developed by FIG. Compcoin seeks to be a trusted alternative investment vehicle for serious individual investors and a platform for financial growth. In order to do this, Compcoin focuses on technology, transparency, security, compliance, and financial control.

Alan Friedland founded both Fintech Investment Group and Compcoin. Mr. Friedland has been developing artificial intelligence for financial trading systems since 1993, and has been developing predictive intelligence systems to perform trades on the forex market since 2010. Mr. Friedland also founded Edge Securities, member N.A.S.D. and Edge Investment Group, associate member American Stock Exchange. These firms were among the first proprietary leveraged securities trading firms for professional licensed traders.

Mike McDonald is CEO of Compcoin. McDonald has over 24 years experience in fintech and financial trading. Before Compcoin, McDonald was Senior Financial Advisor at Aegis Capital Corp where he lead the investment strategy for high profile clients. McDonald is a licensed securities broker and has advised over 1,000 clients with investable assets ranging from $250k to $20 million. He also has been a branch manager for N.Y.S.E and Nasdaq firms.

Josh Dettman is President of Institutional Trading at FIG/Compcoin. Mr. Dettman has more than 20 years of experience in financial trading and financial technology. Dettman is the lead securities trader at Aegis in Florida, a New York based investment management company managing 1.5 billion dollars in assets, and prior to that, a Director of Global Assets at Wescap, a private fund management company. In these positions Dettman counseled institutional clients (hedge funds, funds of funds, banks, insurance companies, pension programs) on investment strategies including sector rotation, momentum trading, and ETF executions. His counsel and investment strategies at Wescap grew the firm from a million dollar fund to over $50 million. During his time at Wescap, the firm generated over $20 million in annual profit.

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