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Blockchain Technology Venture Nimiq Announces Token Sale

Blockchain technology venture Nimiq has announced its token crowdsale scheduled for June 28, 2017. Nimiq is building the world’s first browser-based Blockchain, making access to Blockchain technology as simple as accessing the Internet itself. With an operational Betanet already live (, users can experience first hand how simple it is to mine inside a browser, installation free. With barriers to entry significantly lowered, anyone can join the network, mine and transact.

Conventional cryptocurrencies are complicated and counterintuitive for the average person to use. True decentralization is impossible if access to Blockchain technology is limited to only technically oriented people. Until Blockchain can be picked up with general recognition and general usage, its true power remains unrealized.

Nimiq is designed to be used by billions.

The key to Nimiq lies in its unique Blockchain protocol, it is the only Blockchain created and designed specifically for mass adoption.

Characteristics of conventional Blockchain that inhibit mass adoption:

  • Blockchain data of 100GB or more, which means synchronization time can take a day or longer.

  • Software installation absolutely necessary.

  • Long confirmation time for transactions.

  • High fees for small payments.

Nimiq is designed with simplicity and mass adoption in mind:

  • Blockchain data is compact at 1MB through implementation of mini Blockchain scheme. Synchronize in seconds with any device.

  • Written in JavaScript, which is the native language of the World Wide Web. Hence no additional software installation is required.

  • Near instant transaction time with off-chain transactions implemented in the Nimiq protocol.

The vision of widespread accessibility and adoption is completed through the ecosystem enabled by this protocol. A miner interface that anyone can use with any browser on any device. A browser wallet made even more accessible than conventional wallet apps. And a global, web-based p2p exchange that makes exchanging Nimiq into local currency easy, fast and cheap.

The Nimiq Network empowers the developer community to create applications by effortlessly integrating the open source npm package into a wide variety of applications. Some examples include:

1. Webmasters can easily embed Light Clients into their webpages to use the Nimiq Network as payment gateway as frictionless as Paypal or Visa.

2. Content Providers can monetize the time users spend in their site by mining Nimiq with their device’s unused processing power while they browse through content.

3. Timestamping documents with ease – usability improved orders of magnitude beyond other Blockchains.

4. One can use the Nimiq Blockchain as the backbone for the integrity of databases to create peer-to-peer web services such as decentralized versions of Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Nimiq architect and creator, Robin Linus, stated:

“The success of projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven the enormous transformative potential of Blockchains. But yet you still can’t pay for your coffee with cryptocurrencies. Nimiq is a next-generation Blockchain changing that by introducing the missing ingredient for mass adoption: Simplicity.”

To fund further development of the Nimiq Mainnet and Ecosystem, the team announced a Token Sale opening on June 28 2017.

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Richard Kastelein
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