Adex, A Decentralized Ad Network, Taps WINGS Platform For Community Engagement, Token Sale Value Discovery And Social Promotion

WINGS DAO members compete for 2 million AdEx tokens for realizing an accurate token sale valuation


AdEx,  a next generation online ad exchange that is to be launched on the Ethereum network, today announced tapping WINGS, an Ethereum-based platform that harnesses the power of crowds for discovery and promotion of projects seeking funding, for licensing the WINGS Bounty Management Application, and to value and promote the upcoming token sale of the AdEx token.

AdEx is a decentralized ad exchange built on blockchain and smart contracts. The AdEx platform is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional digital advertising models by providing a transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers and reach potential clients.

AdEx is currently making use of the WINGS Bounty Management Application, which automates bounty tasks for easing and scaling community building and engagement.  To participate in the AdEx bounties before the token sale starts head here.

Starting on June 26rd, members of the WINGS DAO Members will be able to forecast on the result of the upcoming AdEx token sale starting on June 30th, and share their forecasts with their social networks thereby building a higher level of trust among early backers. Accurate forecasts will receive higher payments rewards which consist of 2% of the total outstanding AdEx tokens (2,000,000 units). Members of the public will be able to see the forecasts of their social connections as well as aggregations of the crowd’s sentiment for AdEx. For many people new to cryptocurrencies and smart tokens, social proof from a globally diverse group of crypto experts can be an important part of informing their understanding of a project’s chances of success.

“We are pleased to have AdEx as the 2nd token sale evaluation following the WINGS DAO’s successful price discovery the largest ever token sale within a mere 3% of the actual funding result. The AdEx team chose WINGS for engaging the crypto community with our Bounty Application, as well as being the second project to take advantage of the WINGS DAO to help ensure that their sale is structured to meet their funding needs and early adopters,¨ says Boris Povod, President of the WINGS Foundation Council. “The AdEx team has a track record of ability to execute as evidenced by the successful development of Stremio to millions of users.”

The WINGS DAO community will have the chance to evaluate and provide feedback on  the AdEx token sale see here.

“We are excited to work with WINGS to gather the crowd sentiment around the AdEx project and leverage the WINGS DAO members for spreading the word about AdEx”, says  Ivo Georgiev, Cofounder of AdEx, “AdEx is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional digital advertising models by providing a transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers and reach potential clients right on top of the most power world computer- Ethereum!”

Once the AdEx token sale ends the WINGS DAO members will be rewarded based on their forecasts accuracy with 2 million AdEx tokens (2% of total).

WINGS token holders will be able to collect their algorithmically determined forecasting reward, based on the math model designed by Dr. Sergey Popov, simply by calling on a smart contract which will distribute their allotted AdEx tokens as well as adjust their publicly available WINGS Forecast Rating.

AdEx is a decentralized advertising network built on top of Ethereum, designed to disrupt the existing online advertising industry landscape and solve it’s significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages, lack of reporting transparency and etc. AdEx is completely transparent and built on top of Ethereum smart contracts.

AdEx aims to empower advertisers and publishers with a platform that is secure, transparent and beneficial for all the parties involved in the process – publishers, advertisers and end users.

For more information about AdEx, visit here.

WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and comprised of a decentralized team of professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream via forecasting. WINGS uses DAO technology to enable a new type of emergent incentivized swarm intelligence for value discovery on the Ethereum. WINGS provides best in class libraries of smart contracts for blockchain based crowdfunding and for post-funding decentralized governance. To learn more please visit here.