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Blockchain Startup AdEx, a Decentralized Ad Platform Developer to Launch a Token Sale

In an official blog post,  AdEx, a Blockchain startup focussed on building a decentralized ad exchange platform, has announced that it will hold a token allocation event, scheduled to kick off shortly – on June 30th, 2017.

The project, a Blockchain-based ad exchange that seeks to replace common centralized solutions which are prone to ad frauds and privacy violations – seeks to raise 40 000 ETH to bring new advantages of Blockchain technology to the online ad market.

The AdEx token, ADX, is an ERC20 compliant coin, a standard protocol for smart contract systems on top of Ethereum which will ensure interoperability with other Ethereum-powered solutions.

In order to effectively manage the perfect supply of native tokens for the token sale, AdEx has partnered with the WINGS Foundation, the developer of WINGS DAO. Adex will also use the social graph of the WINGS DAO crypto-experts to maximize potential project backers who can serve as product champions and evangelists for AdEx to rapidly go-to-market.

The token sale will have the following terms:

  • Start date: June 30th, 2017
  • End date: July 30th, 2017
  • Overall supply of tokens available for sale: 80,000,000 ADX
  • Price of tokens: 1 ETH = 900 ADX
  • Campaign cap: 40,000 ETH, no minimum cap

Over the token sale campaign, 80 per cent of all ADX tokens will be available for distribution among the supporters. Out of the remaining twenty per cent, 16 per cent will be tapped for AdEx developers and advisors, which will be vested for a year to ensure smooth development of the platform. The remaining 4 per cent will be distributed between WINGS DAO community and the bounty campaign participants.

During the token allocation event, only ETH contributions will be accepted and the Main net address for contributions will be published at once the token sale has kicked off.

“The solution offered by AdEx seeks to benefit all parties involved in the online advertising ecosystem, which means end users as well as advertisers and publishers, while removing unnecessary and downright risky elements currently associated with centralized infrastructure,” Ivo Georgiev, Co-founder and CEO of AdEx stated.

When released, AdEx can enable transparency for advertisers, and better control for ad publishers, while end users get more control over their privacy and ad preferences – both of which the industry currently needs more.

About the Technology

The AdEx platform will utilise Ethereum smart contracts which will remove the middlemen, all the while tackling the complexities associated with selecting ads, tracking them, as well as bidding and payment – which will be defined in the smart contract that will completely simplify the process from end to end.

The project will also tap into IPFS for hosting ad-related media like videos, images and metadata.

The adex team is currently working on prototypes with several off-chain solutions on top of Ethereum which will give publishers and advertisers to easily interact while and bypass current Ethereum Blockchain limitations pertaining to speed and transaction fees.

They also plan to use IOTA in the future on top of Ethereum to further improve the platform’s scalability.

Adex will be available through mobile and desktop applications and embedded devices. Additionally, it can be integrated in websites via publisher-hosted endpoints.

Read more on the blog here. 


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