Equities.com and KrowdMentor Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership at CoinAgenda


Equities.com, a fintech company connecting innovation-focused companies and investors, announced today at CoinAgenda Europe, their exclusive strategic partnership with KrowdMentor, an investment and advisory firm empowering Blockchain startups and entrepreneurs to reach their funding and liquidity goals.

This exclusive strategic partnership allows KrowdMentor and their portfolio of Blockchain ventures access to the Equities.com’s mainstream base of over 4.2 million investors and includes 50,000 premium publishers in the Equities.com ecosystem to deliver valuable and timely news about these projects. Equities.com’s EQ-Investor Intelligence service provides micro-targeting of Blockchain projects to specific investors interested in real-time information.

“We are excited about this partnership as it brings exposure to the fast growing Blockchain industry. Token Generation Events (TGEs) or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as the media has branded these capital fundraising events is the new way for small and big investors to access and invest in the latest Blockchain ventures. Equities.com provides us a great platform to educate the general public, which is a very important component in the long-tail of investor relations field,” said Brad Yasar, Managing Partner of KrowdMentor.

Enzo Villani and Michael MacDonald, CEO and COO of Equities.com’s co-founded Nasdaq Global Corporate Solutions in 2001 and were instrumental in building the organization to over 15,000 corporate clients. Now at Equities.com, the team is applying investor targeting technologies to emerging growth public and private companies.

“Our close working relationship with the team at KrowdMentor during the emerging crowdfunding market has transitioned earlier this year into the ICO craze and we are happy to provide unique opportunities for independent investors interested in new emerging markets in Blockchain applications. This collaboration comes at a crucial time for investors wanting to get in on the cutting edge of technology, and we are happy to have partnered with experienced veterans such as Mike Costache and Brad Yasar, the co-founders of KrowdMentor,” said Enzo Villani, CEO of Equities.com.

Michael Terpin, founder and Conference Director of CoinAgenda had this to say about this new, exciting partnership:

“I am thrilled to see new partnerships between respected mainstream media and leaders in the crypto community come together to create something new and innovative for investors in digital assets and to promote such value at Blockchain conferences. After three decades in the public relations field and as the founder of MarketWire, I certainly value such a professional service being available for all my clients at Transform Group.”