Hash Rush, the First Hash-Powered Online Game to Launch Token Sale


Latvian mining and gaming engineers and developers have teamed  up with an international group of creatives to build the world’s first astrategic web-game fueled by cryptocurrency mining.   The HASH RUSH (HR) project is being managed by Kristaps Vaivods, Maris Ziedonis and their team from ETHinvest who are building out the backend in Riga.

Set in the futuristic Hermeian solar system, players build their own mining colony using RUSH COINS (RC) (ERC-20 standard token) to take part of the big rush that is cryptocurrency mining. All mining colonies are backed by real-time hash power.

To fund the project, the group is organising a token launch kicking off with a pre-sale  from August 16, 2017 12:01pm CET until September 1, 2017. The main Token Launch will take place fromSeptember 13, 2017 12:01pm CET to October 13, 2017 unless a cap of 64,050,000 RC tokens sold is reached earlier.  Distribution and Rates RC can be acquired with BTC, ETH or ETC by participating in the pre – ICO that will take place.

Transfers can be made from any BTC, ETH or ETC wallet. The minimum Token Launch entry is 0.1 ETH. The minimum entry threshold for the pre-sale is 50 ETH, 5 BTC or 1000 ETC. On December 1, 2017, RC tokens will be issued to participants’ Ethereum addresses automatically. Original payments made in BTC and ETC will be converted to ETH at the rate effective at the time when the rights to RC tokens were reserved. RC coins will be sent to the Ethereum address that will be provided in the contact form or by e-mail.

5 Gh/s of hash power for the first player’s mining colonies and testing is already running, and the MVP (minimum viable product) will be finished by the end of September. Regarding this, HR has not set a minimum of amount of tokens to be issued to accommodate a low capacity if required. However, the total number of tokens distributed will be capped at 70 million, from which 64,050,000 or 91.5% will be available during the pre-sale and the ICO. The remaining 5,950,000 RC or 8.5% of total coins will be distributed: during the marketing campaign, to players for completing missions and for participating in faction goals, as bonuses, and to private miners who choose the HR mining pool.

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a unique browser game, that makes cryptocurrency mining fun and available to a large audience. Think of it as Age of Empires with a huge twist: All the ore you mine, you get to keep.

“Our white paper describes our roadmap more accurately, but broadly speaking, we are looking to, create the HR mining pool and let other cryptocurrency miners join, finish the Hermeian solar system and develop randomly-generated planets, triple our hash power, add gods that introduce natural disasters to the game, and develop a mobile version of the game for Android and iOS,” stated co-founder Kristaps Vaivods.

“Simply put, our goal is to create a great RTS game and make cryptocurrency mining more fun.”

At its heart, Hash Rush is an RTS game — the goal is to conquer the galaxy, by building, maintaining and expanding your colony.

HR players compete in single and multiplayer missions for in-game bonuses that help them to maintain and develop a more profitable mining colony. Overview of the HASH RUSH Project HASH RUSH is the first next-generation hash-powered browser game where players can earn cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

The game is set in a fictional solar system where cryptocurrencies are the main source of income. The objective of the game is to manage your colony, advance into neighbouring territories and transform your little colony into the envy of the entire solar system. At the start of the game, the player gets to choose from 3 different factions, each with their own look, playing style and storyline. After choosing a faction, the player is given a planet in one of 3 sectors in the Hermeian solar system where he/she can start building a mining colony.

But what makes Hash Rush unique is its focus on cryptocurrency mining. Over the last year or so, we have developed an Ethereum-based crypto token called Rush Coin (RC). Rush Coin is the main currency of Hash Rush.

Players can get Rush Coin in four ways:

  • Mining the in-game Crypto Crystals
  • Exchanging items and units with other players
  • Swapping currencies with other token holders
  • Completing specific missions

Once you got a hold on some Rush Coins, you can use them for in-game transactions. Spend Rush Coin to upgrade your colony, fend off natural disasters or create more miners — it’s your choice.

Just as important as the story are the game’s functionalities. Like a classical RTS game, we have implemented a mini-map and fog-of-war. In addition, a colony has different types of units (miners, engineers and prospectors), and different kinds of upgradeable buildings.

Some of the buildings in an Ernack colony

Expanding your colony is not the only goal in the game. There are specific story-driven missions you can fulfil to receive Rush Coin prizes. Or you can take part in a multiplayer competition that pits the factions against each other.

Trading valuable items

Hash Rush comes with a trading system used for trading valuable items. This allows you to sell unwanted items and get some Rush Coins in return.

So how does this work?

Well, Hash Rush comes with a variety of items, which may help your miners, engineers and prospectors to do their job better. For instance, binoculars allow your prospectors to look farther and reveal more territory.

Every unit and item a player buys or receives, comes with a card. These cards are tradable. Once you own a card, you also gain its perks.

A strong pickaxe provides a miner with more mining power

For instance, this card provides the holder with extra mining power. But this is just one example. We are planning on releasing a variety of cards that provide different perks. Some are common, and others will be more unique (and more valuable).

Trading simply brings another dimension to the Hash Rush game. As you can see, there are many ways to earn Rush Coins — and many reasons to keep playing.