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Industry Giant Richard Kastelein Joins BlockMason as ICO Advisor

BlockMason is excited to announce the addition of Blockchain entrepreneur, publisher, and industry giant Richard Kastelein as an advisor to the upcoming Credit Protocol ICO. Kastelein is best known as the founder and publisher of Blockchain News, a leading source of breaking news and feature articles about the Blockchain community. Kastelein is an award-winning journalist and publisher, whose vital work includes over 1200 articles on Blockchain technology and startups, including a groundbreaking feature on ICO innovation published in the Harvard Business Review, opening up the sector to a broader audience.

If Kastelein’s astounding reputation precedes him, it is because he has spent life traveling the world and establishing a global reputation as a technology expert. When he’s not penning articles for Wired, The Guardian, Venturebeat, or, Kastelein has dabbled in boatbuilding and skippering yachts across our earth’s violent seas—proving that he is a skilled and ambitious adventurer in both the physical and technological realms.

As an advisor for half a dozen Blockchain startups, a partner at the ICO incubator CryptoAsset Design Group, and the ICO event organizer for the Crypto-financing conference in London, Kastelein has earned his renown as one of the world’s leading experts on Blockchain token sales. BlockMason is proud to bring Kastelein’s expertise to our team, where he will continue the amazing work of our developers and corporate officers to deliver the best possible ICO for our innovative Credit Protocol.

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