ATLANT Platform: Major Alpha Release

    ATLANT Decentralized Exchange, ATLANT Wallet and PTO Smart Contracts


    The  ATLANT team today released its alpha v0.1 encompassing a substantial part of the ATLANT Platform framework. ATLANT is a real estate platform built on the Blockchain, specializing in tokenization of real estate and decentralized P2P rentals.

    This release comes in advance of Atlant’s ICO Launch this coming week, September 7 at 1:00 UTC. The team announced three new platform components for its global real estate platform that are now available for preview on:

    1. ATLANT Decentralized Exchange
    2. ATLANT Wallet
    3. Template PTO Smart Contract


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    1.  ATLANT Decentralized Exchange (ADEX) web client implementation
    2. ADEX web client supports ATL, BTC, ETH and mock property token trading, as well as token swap & basic token management
    3.  ADEX Client handles real time market data updates and supports the following trading features (including).
    4. Token trading (basic)
    5. Token trading (advanced order types)
    6. Token swap
    7. Token management
    8. Historical data
    9. Account management
    10. Exchange APIs
    11. Leveraged trading


    1. ATLANT Android Client Implementation
    2. Platform token holders use the app to manage both Ether and ATL platform tokens, and additionally manage & trade property tokens listed on the ATLANT Platform (e.g. 15Grove or 431Kings).
    3. Current alpha release supports ATLANT Platform tokens (ATL) management, implementing basic wallet & token operations.

    III. TEMPLATE PTO (Property Token Offering) SMART CONTRACT

    1. Generic PTO Smart Contract (audited)

    Please visit for more detailed information regarding the ATLANT Platform.