BitJob Partners with Indorse to Transform the World of Work

Collaboration will see blockchain used to build professional networks and drive student employment


bitJob, a Blockchain-powered marketplace for student employment has teamed up with Indorse, a decentralized social network for professionals in a fresh collaboration aimed to address the challenges associated with job-seeking and transform how students gain experience and enter the world of work.

bitJob’s Co-founder and CMO Elad Kofman said, “With the introduction of technology and social networks the way we search for jobs and hire talent has completely evolved. Networking has moved online, and job seekers can build an impressive portfolio through digital assets while employers are comforted by transparency of records.”

The new partnership will offer users full control over their own data as they build their professional profiles and share skills on the platform, and Indorse aims to build a serverless, decentralized network where professionals benefit from platform growth and data insights rather than third parties.

David Moskowitz, Co-founder and CEO of Indorse said:

“Today we are witnessing a worrying trend emerge in entry level employment. The level of experience necessary to secure entry level positions has increased, yet the opportunities for students and graduates to gain this much-required experience are not readily available.”

“This partnership will provide students with the tools to position themselves at the forefront of incredibly competitive industries. bitJob is an incredibly innovative platform that links hard-working students to amazing opportunities, in an open and transparent way,” added Moskowitz.

The Indorse platform will enable bitJob students to showcase their skills simply and effectively; once they have completed a task for an employer, they will be able to submit the task completion document from bitJob as a proof of their accomplishment onto the Indorse platform.

“The growth of the sharing economy has resulted in opportunities for many, bitJob is the first hybrid Blockchain project that allows true peer-to-peer connection between employers and students,” Moskowitz added.

Aimed at revolutionizing the way students earn and gain occupational experience, bitJob, within a Blockchain-based ecosystem of networking, compensation, rewards, and incentives. Students can build a Dynamic Portfolio Resume (DPR) of their work which can also be used to apply for graduate positions outside of the service. Employers can view this along with the student’s reputation profile, to help choose a candidate.

Indorse presents a platform where users will build their profiles and profit from their reputation and from contributing on the platform. Similar to the Proof of Stake mechanism, the Indorse Score allows moderators to stake their reputation on a claim or indorsement, offering users an easy way to earn rewards through a token based system.

Having just passed the $11 million USD mark, the Indorse token sale will run until September 7, 2017. The  Indorse Tokens (IND), the required payment method of buying advertising space on the platform, will be distributed to token sale participants, representing approximately 35% of the total supply created. The IND token is a tradeable token, and participants will also receive Indorse Score (SCR) tokens, which are non-tradeable reputation tokens required to post updates to the member profile or indorse and flag claims, once the platform is released on the mainnet.

“This partnership showcases the potential that Blockchain technology and smart contracts have to transform commonly tedious and opaque tasks such as job-seeking and building a professional network. This is just the beginning as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation everyday,” Moskowitz concluded.

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