DIY Patent Research Company LOCI Announces PreSale


LOCI a leader in DIY patent research has announced its Presale Token Sale Today. Loci’s patented technology nearly a decade in the making is applying its search engine to a decentralized database for patent research, discovery, and licensing. The company uses a combination of intuitive user interfaces, machine learning, and Blockchain technology to optimize this process. Their company profile video can be viewed on YouTube below.

CEO John Wise is also announcing an innovative economic model that will further reward active innovators with additional LOCIcoin. If Loci holds more than 50 million tokens resulting from transactional volumes on InnVenn, Loci will “airdrop” excess coins over 50 million to the inventors who have staked inventions on the Blockchain.

This is intended to keep the InnVenn network economy flowing and reward inventors who have unsold inventions already claimed on the platform. It also places value on the assets, or intellectual property, and not the cryptocurrency, or in this case, LOCIcoin.

Loci will detail these updates in their latest white paper and release their Private Placement Memorandum which is currently being reviewed by the legal team and will be released within the next week. To stay updated, you can either join Loci’s Slack, or follow along on Twitter.

LOCI tokens can be purchased with a 50% discount now through Sept. 15th. A total of 5 million utilitarian tokens are available until that date.  Previous token purchasers’ allotments will be increased to 40% to ensure investments are fair and equal, also speeding up liquidity for token holders. This allows innovators to use the InnVenn platform, a simple, yet powerful tool to search and discover patent opportunities, and to make a claim for their inventions.

In their effort to be as ethically responsible as possible, purchases can be refunded through Sept. 15th*.

The following schedule applies to the token sale (Non-SAFT):

  • 30% discount begins on Oct. 1st
  • 20% discount begins on Oct. 10th
  • 10% discount begins on Oct. 20th